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Maja Due Kadenic

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Maja Due Kadenic

Assistant Professor

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Birk Centerpark 15
8001, 1203


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I hold the position as an Assistant Professor at the Department of Business Development and Technology at Aarhus University. I was awarded by PhD in Social Sciences and Business at Aarhus University, School of Business and Social Sciences. My previous research has explored the socioeconomic effects of large-scale resource extraction projects with a focus on stakeholder participation, decision making, and large-scale project lifecycle management. The overarching theme of my research is Project Management, which contributes with high impact and industry relevant project management research that falls within four streams of research: agility, project teams and leadership, project models and practices, and stakeholder management in large-scale projects. Additionally, I lead the Project Management Research Group, which fosters research collaborations and enhances knowledge sharing among peers and industrial practitioners.

I am course responsible and teach the Project Management course at the MSc IT (ITKO) program and I co-lecture the Management of Technology course at the MSc Technology Based Business Development (TBBD) program. My overall teaching philosophy is influenced by experiential learning combined with a social learning approach. To teaching, I contribute with co-development of innovative teaching formats, e.g. virtual reality games, LEGO gamifications tools, and roleplay elements. I have an extensive experience in supervising student projects including master theses and technology specializations at both MSc TBBD and MSc ITKO.

Finally, I hold several years of professional project management experience in large Danish organizations within product development and IT as a Project Management Consultant. I draw upon my extensive industrial network to the benefit of students, teaching, and empirically in research projects.

Current Position

Aarhus University, Department of Business Development and Technology
- Course responsible and teaching the Project Management course at MSc IT (ITKO)
- Teaching the Management of Technology at MSc Technology Based Business Development (TBBD)
- Supervising Master Theses and Technology Specializations at MSc TBBD and MSc IT. Track record: +200 supervised and examined student projects.
- Project Management Research Group Lead. Initiating and executing research projects within the field of project management both in IT and Engineering context

Academic Qualifications

2017: PhD, Social Sciences and Business, Aarhus University (March 2017).
2012: MSc Engineering, Technology Based Business Development, Aarhus Uni.
2010: BSc Engineering, Business Development Engineering, Aarhus University.

Professional Experience

2020- : Assistant Professor, BTECH, Aarhus University.
2017-2020: External Lecturer, BTECH, Aarhus University.
2017-2020: Project Manager, by Kaastrup|Andersen A/S for Vestas Wind Systems A/S.
2013-2016: PhD Fellow, Social Sciences and Business, BTECH, Aarhus University.
2012-2013: Research Assistant, BTECH, Aarhus University.
2010-2012: Student Engineer, Vestas Wind Systems A/S.

Research outputs

Mastering scrum with a focus on team maturity and key components of scrum

Kadenic, M. D., Koumaditis, K. & Junker-Jensen, L., Jan 2023, In: Information and Software Technology. 153, 107079.

Teaching project management in a virtual environment: The Virtual Scrum Simulator (ScrumSim)

Visescu, I., Blindu, A., Radhakrishnan, U., Kadenic, M. D., Chinello, F. & Koumaditis, K., Oct 2022, NordiCHI '22: Adjunct Proceedings of the 2022 Nordic Human-Computer Interaction Conference. Association for Computing Machinery, 2 p.

Resilience of corporate operating models: defining agile project management as enabler

Kadenic, M. D. & Tambo, T., 24 May 2022, (Submitted) In: International Journal of Managing Projects in Business.

Mastering scrum with a focus on team maturity and key components of scrum

Kadenic, M. D., Koumaditis, K. & Junker-Jensen, L., Jan 2023, In: Information and Software Technology. 153, 107079.

Reinstitutionalization of Project Management Offices by Large-Scale Agile Frameworks

Kadenic, M. D. & Tambo, T., May 2021, In: Journal of Modern Project Management. 9, 1, p. 86-101 15 p.

Mining the North: Local Impacts

Frederiksen, A. & Kadenic, M. D., 1 Apr 2020, In: Labour Economics. 63, p. 1-42 42 p., 101790.

A sustainable Arctic: Making hard decisions

Trump, B. D., Kadenic, M. & Linkov, I., 1 Jan 2018, In: Arctic, Antarctic, and Alpine Research. 50, 1, e1438345.

Transitioning from an economic cluster to a collaborative community: mining projects in Greenland

Kadenic, M. D., 19 Jan 2017, In: Journal of Organization Design.

Socioeconomic Effects of Mining in the Artic: Enchancing Benefits for Greenland

Kadenic, M. D., 2017, Aarhus University.

Socioeconomic value creation and the role of local participation in large-scale mining projects in the Arctic

Kadenic, M. D., 2015, In: The Extractive Industries and Society. 2, 3, p. 562-571 10 p.


SUN2CHEM: Novel photo-assisted systems for direct solar-driven reduction of CO2 to energy rich chemicals

Gross, A., Enevoldsen, P., Ballantyne, A. G., Bjørn Olsen, T. & Kadenic, M. D.


Teaching project management in a virtual environment: the Virtual Scrum Simulator

Koumaditis, K., Kadenic, M. D. & Radhakrishnan, U.



Future Greenland 2013 Conference: Vision to reality

Maja Due Kadenic (Participant)

6 Feb 20137 Feb 2013

PhD Course: Kvantitativ Metode (10 ECTS)

Maja Due Kadenic (Participant)

25 Apr 201313 Jun 2013

Norden i Arktis, Nordic Council of Ministers

Maja Due Kadenic (Participant)

7 May 2013

Mineralske Råstoffer med fokus på Grønland. GEUS (Danmarks og Grønlands Geologiske undersøgelser) ved IDA (Ingeniørforening)

Maja Due Kadenic (Participant)

13 Jun 2013

Information Retrieval and Information Management, AU Library

Maja Due Kadenic (Participant)

18 Sep 2013

PhD Course: Causal case study methodology, small-n research designs (5 ECTS)

Maja Due Kadenic (Participant)

30 Sep 201328 Oct 2013

Arctic Circle Assembly, Reykjavik Island

Maja Due Kadenic (Participant)

12 Oct 201314 Oct 2013

PhD Course: Arctic city - communities and the extractive industries: urbanisation, industrial livelihoods and sustainability considerations (10 ECTS)

Maja Due Kadenic (Speaker)

2 Dec 20136 Dec 2013

International Conference, In the Spirit of the Rovaniemi Process: Arctic Cities, Global Processes and Local Realities, Rovaniemi Finland

Maja Due Kadenic (Participant)

3 Dec 20134 Dec 2013

INTRALaw and BSS Arctic Research Project Workshop

Maja Due Kadenic (Speaker)

8 Jan 2014

ICOA Research Seminar

Maja Due Kadenic (Speaker)

16 Jan 2014

NORAD and USNORTHCOM Arctic S&T Synchronization Workshop

Maja Due Kadenic (Participant)

19 May 201426 May 2014


Maja Due Kadenic (Participant)

2 Jun 2014

US Army Corps of Engineers: Research visit at Risk and Decision Science Focus Area Lead,Engineer Research and Development Center

Maja Due Kadenic (Participant)

1 Nov 20141 Feb 2015

EIASM Seminar on Organization Design

Maja Due Kadenic (Participant)

16 Mar 201519 Mar 2015

INTRAlaw workshop. Extractive Industries and Indigenious Peoples.

Maja Due Kadenic (Speaker)

3 Jun 2015