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Mads Uffe Pedersen


Curriculum Vitae

1. Curriculum Vitae

Mads Uffe Pedersen, Director, Centre for Alcohol and Drug Research, University of Aarhus, Associate Professor, MD Psychology, PhD, Born May 28, 1958.

1990                       MD Psychology, University of Aarhus
1994                       Certified clinical psychologist
1997                       PhD, Psychology
1990-1994             Clinical psychologist, hospital psychiatry and community 
1993-1996             Private consulting company, 'Engelbjerg-
                               gaardgruppen' (Management Psychology)
1996                       Assistant researcher, Centre for Alcohol and Drug Research
1997                       Assistant professor, Centre for Alcohol and Drug Research
1999                       Associate professor, Centre for Alcohol and Drug Research
2000                       Substitute for Head ofCentre, Centre for Alcohol and Drug Research
2001-10                  Director, Centre for Alcohol and Drug Research
2011                       Professor, Institute of Psychlogy, Centre for Alcohol
                               and Drug Research

Research areas: Substance and alcohol abuse and dependency - background, concepts, causes, culture, treatment and documentation/monitoring.

International Boards and Committees

-        Pompideu Group, Research Platform. Appointed by the Ministry of Home Affairs and Health
         and the Ministry of Social Affairs. From January 2004.
-        NAD (Nordic Centre for Alcohol and Drug Research). Appointed by the Nordic Council and the
         Danish Ministry of Social Affairs (substitute from 2002 until 2004; full member of the
         Scientific Advisory Board from 2004).
-        The EWODORGroup, board member (the European Working Group on Drugs Oriented
         Research). Appointed by EWODOR. From November 2003.

National Boards and Committees

-        The Danish Accreditation Panel, the Danish Prison and Probation Service. Appointed by the
         Danish Prison and Probation Service, November 2004.
-        Advisory Board: The Investigation of Compulsive Gambling in Denmark. Appointed by the
         Ministry of Taxation (2005).
-        Advisory Board: Quality in Drug Abuse Treatment. Appointed by the National Board of Health
-        Advisory Board: Prescription of Heroin. Appointed by the National Board of Health (2007).
-        Advisory Board: Quality in the Treatment ofAlcohol Dependence. Appointed by the National
         Board of Health (2006 - 2007).
-        The National Board of Narcotics. Appointed by the Ministry of Social Affairs (2000 - 2001).

3. Editorial and review positions

-        Reviewer and member of the editorial group: The International Journal for Therapeutic and
         Supportative Organizations
-        Reviewer of the journal NAT (Nordisk Alkohol og Narkotikatidsskrift).
-        Used by the Norwegian, Swedish, Dutch and Belgian Research Councils to review applications
         for support to research projects in the substance abuse area.

4. Project Manager

-        Danish Registration and Information System (DanRIS). See English webpage:
         http://www.danris.dk/default_en.asp. Ongoing since 2001.
-        Drug-Free Residential Treatment in Denmark [Døgnbehandling af stofmisbrugere i DK]. 324
         drug abusers were followed during the course of 4 years (completed 2002).
-        The Aftercare Project [Efterbehandlingsprojektet]. 350 drug abusers were followed for 1 year. 
         Completed 2004.
-        The Methadone Project [Metadonprojektet]. 436 methadone users were followed for 2 years
         (completed 2004).
-        Alcohol Treatment in Denmark [Alkoholbehandling i Danmark]. An investigation of the 
         organisation, services and financing of alcohol treatment in Denmark. Completed in
         collaboration with the Centre for Alcohol Research, National Institute of Public Health 
         (completed 2004).
-        Treatment of Alcohol and Drug Abuse in Prisons [Behandling for stof og alkoholmisbrug i
         fængsler]. 160 inmates were followed 1 year after discharge from a treatment unit in five
         different prisons (completed 2006).
-        Inpatient Treatment of Alcohol Dependent Patients [Døgnbehandling af alkoholafhængige]. 330
         alcohol dependent persons were followed 1 year after discharge from inpatient alcohol
         treatment (completed 2006).
-        Treatment Guarantee and Services in Danish Drug Abuse Treatment [Behandlingsgaranti og
         ydelser i dansk stofmisbrugsbehandling]. Analysis of 443 representative cases and
         interviews with decision-makers from 16 counties/municipalities (including the municipality of
         Copenhagen) (www.crf-au.dk/0020.asp). Completed 2007.
-        Pregnant Women after Drug Abuse Treatment [Gravide kvinder efter behandling for deres
         afhængighed af rusmidler]; completed 2007.
-        Women in Alcohol Inpatient Treatment [Kvinder i alkohol døgnbehandling]. Qualitative study of
         40 women in inpatient alcohol treatment (2008).
-        15- to 17 Year Old Girls in Drug Abuse Treatment [15-17-årige piger i behandling for et
         problematisk forbrug af rusmidler]. 50 15- to 17 year old girls are followed one year after
         discharge from outpatient treatment (2008).
-        Evaluation of 34 Drug Abuse Intervention Projects. Development of a Rapid Evaluations Model
-        Editor-in-Chief of the Magazine "DRUGS" [Ansvarshavende redaktør af tidsskriftet STOF]. See
         http://www.stofblad.dk/default.asp. From 2003.
-        In collaboration with Ghent University, Belgium; Stirling University, Scotland; Deusto
         University, Spain; Maastricht University, Holland; Stockholm University, Sweden prepared, 
         established and taught at the e-learning programme European Studies in Substance Misuse
(closed 2005).