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Louise Margrethe Arildsen Jakobsen


Louise Margrethe Arildsen Jakobsen


Louise’s research is focused on metabolomics investigations of the gut environment. Her major interest is how specific nutrients have critical effects on gut environment and human health. She is working with applications of high-field and low-field NMR spectroscopy in biological and biofluid samples as well as different food matrices of both animal and plant origin.  

Louise acquired her PhD degree in 2020 in the Differentiated and Biofunctional Food group at the Department of Food Science at Aarhus University. Her PhD was entitled: “A metabolomics approach to study substrate-dependent metabolite responses and microbe-microbe interactions – elucidating the role of bovine milk carbohydrates on an infant type coculture”. During her PhD studies, Louise researched how bovine milk carbohydrates differentially stimulated or inhibited the metabolic activity and growth of selected infant gut bacteria. Her research findings contribute to the understanding of how infant formula may be enriched to better serve as an alternative to human milk when breastfeeding is not possible.

Louise has a master degree in Molecular Nutrition and Food Technology from Aarhus University. During her MSc thesis she investigated biomarkers of meat intake using liquid and solid state NMR. Her bachelor degree was in Food Science from University of Copenhagen. Her BSc thesis included sensory evaluations and satiety effects of fiber-enriched sausages.   

Research methods & competences

Areas of research

  • Molecular nutrition
  • Biofunctional foods
  • Bioactive components
  • Food structure, nutrition and health

Analytical techniques

  • High-field NMR
  • Metabolite identification and quantification
  • Low-field NMR
  • Real-time PCR

Data analysis

  • Unsupervised and supervised multivariate data analysis
  • Heatmap visualization
  • Univariate statistics
  • Software: MATLAB, R, SIMCA, Excel

Model systems and study types

  • Human interventions
  • Rat and mouse pre-clinical
  • Microbiology assays

Sample types

  • Supernatants from bacterial cultures
  • Blood (plasma, serum)
  • Feces and gut content (cecum)
  • Urine
  • Tissue (gastrointestinal tissue, muscle, liver)
  • Dairy (milk, yoghurt)
  • Plant-based burger patties

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