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Louise Bøttcher
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Louise Bøttcher is associate professor at the Danich School of Education and is associated with the research program Future technologu, culture and learning. Her research departs in cultural-historical activity theory and developmental neuropsychology and is aimed at the investigation and theoretical understanding of children and adolescents with disabilities and neurobiologically impairments and their possibilities for learning and development. Her current research project Social Mediations through Communication Technology (SMECT) explores how technologies for communication are constructed in the social situations where language is acquired, developed and used. The empirical focus of the project as a whole is on the role of communicational technologies in development of identity, psychological and social skills in youth with disabilities on the verge of independence and adult life.



2005-2009 Ph.D Department of Psychology, University of Copenhagen 

2003 Cand.Psych. 


2013-   Associate professor, Department of learning, Aarhus University

2010-2013 Assistant professor, Department of learning, The Danish School of Education, Aarhus University

2009-2010 Postdoc., Department of Psychology, University of Copenhagen.

2009 Assistant lecturer, Department of Psychology, University of Copenhagen.

2009 Project preparation employment, Geelsgårdskolen.

2003-2005 Neuropsychologist, Stroke Unit, Hvidovre Hospital


Both past and present research focuses on children with disabilities and their possibilities for learning and development. She has done quantitative studies of cognitive functions in children with cerebral palsy and a general normal level of cognitive functioning. Her research builds on and elaborates Vygotsky's Defectology and is formulated in several writings about the dialectical approach to disability.

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