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Lotte Darsø
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Lotte Darsø

Lotte Darsø is PhD and Associate Professor Emerita in Innovation at Department of Learning, The Danish School of Education, University of Aarhus. As one of Denmark's leading experts in creativity and innovation her distinct focus is on the 'human factor' and its significance for leading and succeeding with innovation. Lotte Darsø was programme director for the international executive Master education  LAICS: Leadership and Innovation in Complex Systems, a collaboration between Aarhus University and Copenhagen Business School (www.laics.net).

Read Lotte Darsø's contribution to the Book 'The Future of Innovation': http://thefutureofinnovation.org/contributions/view/564/the_future_of_innovation_serves_humanity_before_economy  


Having worked and done research on creativity and innovation in theory and practice since 1991 Lotte Darsø contributes significantly to the research group on Innovation ( www.dpu.dk/innovation). With an MA in Psychology from Copenhagen University and an industrial PhD in innovation from Copenhagen Business School Lotte Darsø received 'The Industrial PhD Fellowship Prize 2000' for her research on innovation ('Innovation in the Making', 2001). In 2002-2003 Lotte Darsø examined and mapped a new international research field of arts-based innovation and learning with the project Arts-in-Business, which in 2004 resulted in the book 'Artful Creation. Learning-Tales of Arts-in-Business'. This led to Lotte Darsø being invited to World Economic Forum as workshop leader and panel discussant in Davos 2004.

Lotte Darsø is primarily doing action research in order to examine, change and improve practice in collaboration with practitioners. She was co-creator of the CoLLab method: Collaborative Learning Lab, which was applied in 2005-2006 in an action research project in collaboration with the Danish Ministery of Taxation and SCKK.

Lotte Darsø is supervisor for a group of industrial PhD fellows, who examine arts-based processes of learning in the fields of design, creativity, innovation, learning and play.

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