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Lone Koefoed Hansen

Associate Professor

Lone Koefoed Hansen

My research lies within digital technology studies, biased by aesthetics and the arts; it is interdisciplinary combining design, cultural studies, arts, and technology with theory and methods found in critical computing, co-design, and feminist theory. Through this interdisciplinary research and with a solid foundation in design and arts, I investigate how IT, design, and socio-cultural contexts affect our everyday and in turn how this affects ways that digital technologies might change society and everyday situations. A key point is to think of design and designing as something through which we might think of critical alternatives to the way we live, love, and think. My research has an analytical foundation and sometimes happens through practice based methods.

Admin wise, I am chair of the study board of the school (in Danish: forperson for studienævnet), study program coordinator at the department of digital design and information studies, member of the Academic Council for Arts, and member of the Diversity and Inclusion Committee at the Faculty of Arts. In addition, I am member of the Independent Research Fund Denmark, Humanities (FKK/DFF), appointed 2021-2024.

On this website, I currently only keep my publications somewhat updated (and I often forget because to be honest, I have more interesting things to do)

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