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Lise Nistrup Jørgensen

Senior Researcher

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Lise Nistrup Jørgensen

Senior Researcher

  • Department of Agroecology - Crop Health
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Forsøgsvej 1

Email: lisen.jorgensen@agro.au.dk

Mobile: +4522283352

Phone: +4587158234

Curriculum Vitae



M.Sc in agronomy, The Royal Veterinary and Agricultural Universisty, Copenhagen.(1976-82)

M. Sc. 1. February 1982

Practical experience on agriculture from childhood on parents farm and from jobs on arable farms



Research trials coordinator at the agrochemical company Schering A/S in Copenhagen

Scientist at The Research Centre for Plant Protection, Lyngby

Senior Scientist at the Department of Plant Pathology and Pest Management, Danish Institute of Plant and Soil Science, Lyngby.

From 1997-2006 Department of Integrated pest management, Flakkebjerg Research Center.

From 2007 Institutet of Integrated Pest Management, The Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, Århus Universitet.



1991- 1995
Member of an EU "5 man expert group on efficiacy evaluation".

Member of The Danish Pesticide Board, (Bekæmpelsesmiddelrådet (representing the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries).

Member of an EPPO (European Plant Protection Organisation) groups, who develop guidelines on "Good Plant Protection Practise" and “Efficacy guidelines for fungicides and insecticides”. From 2005 also member of EPPO’s committee on pesticide resistance.

Review mission to Mozambique in order to evaluate Danidas Crop Protection Projects and suggest futher activities. Participated as pesticidexpert. (21. Oct til 4. Nov. 1995).

Part of panel carrying out Audit of Central Science Laboratory, York, 25-28 September 2006

Member of several committees on crop protection in DJF and at the Danish Advisory board

Member of KU’lifes censor corps.

Member of several steering committees in the area of crop protection and pesticides