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Profile photoLisbeth Frostholm
Professor, psychologist

Department of Clinical Medicine - Research clinic for Functional Disorders
Universitetsbyen 21-23, DK-8000 Aarhus C


Professor in health psychology Lisbeth Frostholm, psychologist, ph.d., is an experienced research leader within the areas of functional disorders, health anxiety, the impact of patient's own perceptions of their illness, eHealth and brief behavioral and cognitive interventions.

Academic education

2010   2-year narrative leadership and coaching training from DISPUK, Snekkersten, DK
2005   PhD, Aarhus University: Title: Illness perceptions in primary care patients
1999   MSc. Psychology, Aarhus University

Clinical training

2018 Specialist in psychotherapy
2017 2 years training program in cognitive behavioral psychotherapy, Kognitiv Terapi   Center, Aarhus
2012 Licensed clinical psychologist, the Danish Supervisory Board of Psychological Practice
2009 1-year training in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy by Joanna Dahl and Tobias Lundgren


Professor, Department of Clinical Medicine, Aarhus University, April 2021-
Clinical Team Leader, Functional Disorders, Aarhus University Hospital, 2018-
Lead psychologist, Functional Disorders, Aarhus University Hospital, 2015-

2006-2021 Clinical Associate Professor, Department of Clinical Medicine, Aarhus University
2005-2006 Clinical psychologist, Anxiety Disorder Clinical, Aarhus University Hospital

Stays abroad and international relations

2013: 1-year research stay, Auckland University Hospital, New Zealand.
2002: 3-month stay with PhD supervisor, Professor John Weinman, Kings College, London
Is part of the Euronet-Soma network for experts in the field of functional disorders and is involved in several cross-disciplinary projects with both national and international stakeholders.

Teaching and supervision

Responsible for the teaching health psychology for medical students at Aarhus University.
Regularly gives lectures and workshops on functional disorders and psychological interventions
Currently supervising 2 PhD students and co-supervising 4 PhD students. Previous supervision of 7 PhD students (2 as main supervisor) and 3 research year students.

Selected current projects

MARIE SKŁODOWSKA-CURIE ACTIONS – Innovative training networks: ETUDE - Encompassing training in functional disorders across Europe. Omfatter supervision af 3 ph.d.–studerende.
eASY – ehealth and an internet-assisted self-help program for persistent symptoms.
Internet-delivered therapy for colorectal cancer survivors with fear of cancer recurrence.
Implementation of internet-delivered treatment of functional gastrointestinal disorders for children, adolescents and adults.
Health anxiety by proxy – assessment and treatment (co-supervisor).
The DanFunD study – functional disorders in the general population.
eMindYourHeart online psychological treatment for anxiety and depression among patients with ischemic heart disease.
MY-CHOICE online psychological intervention for patients with ischemic heart disease and comorbid depression and anxiety: A personalized medicine and patient-preferred approach


2018 Heart Association Treatment for depression (18-R124-A8309-22106)
2018 Helsefonden Health anxiety in the general population
2018 Innovation Foundation Denmark eASY – ehealth for persistent symptoms
2018 Cancer Association When vaccines are contageous (R224-A1353)
2018 Cancer Association iConquerFear
2018 Cancer Association Psychosocial Research Fund iConquerFear
2019 SLB's (Sygehus Lillebælt) Research Fund iConquerFear2019 TrygFonden Internetbehandling af funktionelle lidelser (ID 129866)
2019 Work Environment Research Fund Internet treatment for work-related stress
2019 Karen Elise Jensen Fonden Tailored treatment-My Choice
2019 Danske Regions yo-eASY – eHealth for adolescents with persistent symptoms
2019 Offerfonden Whiplash
2020 Trygfonden Symptom treatment with eHealth (ID 148109)
2020 TrygFonden Treatment of irritable bowel syndrome (ID 147092)
2020 Health Innovation Central Region Denmark eHealth for bodily distress 
2020 European Commission Training in functional disorders (Grant Agreement 956673)
2020 'Knæk Cancer' Funds Internet-treatment for Fear of Cancer Recurrence
2020 Sygesikringen Danmark eMindYourHeart
2020 Karen Elise Jensen MY-CHOICE
2021 Ministry of Health, Ludomanipuljen Research into treatment of ludomania


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