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Line Lerche Mørck

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Line Lerche Mørck
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Line Lerche Mørck is Professor with special responsibilities in ‘Major identity formation, expansive learning and belonging - movement beyond gang involvement and radicalization’ at The Danish School of Education, Aarhus University. In the book “Border communities – learning and transcending marginalization” from 2006, she develops a social practice theory focused on how local community projects across ethnic and social differences can create so called border communities, which can support learning and partly transcend marginalization. In recent years, she has focused her research on community building activities in socially deprived areas, social work projects in production schools as well as interventions in gang conflicts and change of life conduct among ethnic minorities, people involved in (biker) gang communities, as well as persons diagnosed with autism spectrum diagnoses, ADHD and depression. In cooperation with Tina Wilchen Christensen, her research has focused on movements in and across the (biker) gang community and extremes groups. Line Lerche Mørck works in the cross section between research and practice development in and across fields of education, social work and intervention, always with a focus on children, young people and adults in marginalized positions.       

Organizing and teaching at the Ph.D.-course: ‘Learning from the margin’ at DPU, with Jean Lave and others (Learning from the margins-II, in 2012). supervision of ph.d.'s. Teacher and supervisor at the marster degree in Pedagogical Psychology within practive development, practice research, community intervention, supervisor on final thesis. OTHER RESEARCH PRESENTATIONS Educational settings in Denmark: Master’s classes at Universities in Denmark focussing e.g. on pedagogy of special needs and career counselling, Pedagogical Seminars (Pedagogical Training College), Centres for Advanced Education (CVU’er) and more. Professional associations / unions: The Association for Pedagogues and Club Workers (Forbundet for pædagoger og klubfolk, BUPL), Denmark’s Teachers’ Association (Danmarks Lærerforening, DLF), The Danish Social Worker’s Society (Dansk Socialrådgiverforening, DS), The Georg Brande’s Association and for the Ministry of Integration. Practice conferences: involving teachers, social workers, psychologists and other practitioners employed in councils, social services, technical schools, social projects, youth schools, guidance / counselling centres, public schools, after school care centres etc.

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KEY AREAS OF RESEARCH - Learning and trancending marginalisation, expansive learning - Ethnic minorities and educational practice - Marginalized youth - Practice research and development of practice - Everyday life among young men with ethnic minority background - Practice communities and boundary communities - Social Practice theory, Critical Psychology, Situated learning theory

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