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Line Ahm Mielby

Tenure Track Adjunct

Line Ahm Mielby
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Sensory and consumer science is core in my research. I have a genuine interest in understanding how we perceive, accept and behave towards food and beverages and finally how this knowledge can be applied to design healthy and sustainable food in the future. My overarching focus is on “Sensory and consumer science methodology” and “Multisensory food design and human perception”.

I perform research on food and beverage products in literally all developmental stages from farm to fork, ranging from applying sensory methods to decide which vegetables varieties to grow in the field based on their sensory characteristics to assessing consumers perception and affective response towards molecular gastronomic dishes in a restaurant setting. This includes research on meals, fresh fruit and vegetables, cheese and dairy products, wine, fruit juices and fruit drinks. The research is carried out in cooperation with the food sector and other research institutions and is disseminated through publications, presentations as well as teaching at the University.

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