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Lill-Ann Körber

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Lill-Ann Körber


Within Scandinavian Studies, my work represents a cross-Nordic, interdisciplinary, and interarts approach. Geographically, my research comprises the literatures and cultures of Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Greenland, (most recently) Sápmi, and the former Scandinavian colonies in Africa and the Caribbean. The main periods covered by my research are the 19thcentury, the turn of the century 1900, the 20thcentury, and, primarily, contemporary literature and culture. Literary genres include prose, non-fiction, and multi-medial texts; other media and art forms include painting and photography, film, and social media. Main areas of teaching are modern Scandinavian literary history, contemporary Scandinavian literature, Scandinavian art and film, Arctic and Atlantic studies, postcolonial and critical race studies, memory and heritage studies, and gender and intersectionality studies. Within university pedagogy, I advocate an integration of research and teaching, and I participate in working groups dedicated to the exploration of teaching and studying methods. I enjoy and have experience with different forms of public communication such as panel discussions, radio, interviews, film and literary festivals and film screenings. I enjoy and facilitate collaborative work forms within academia and beyond. 

Current projects include the research network “New Geographies of Scandinavian Studies”, a collaboration of Scandinavian Studies scholars in the Baltic Sea region and Central-East Europe. I am part of the organizing committee of the SASS 2020 Scandinavian Studies conference in Puerto Rico with the title “Postcolonial Entanglements”, and will be on research leave in the spring of 2020 to organize the conference, do research in Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands, and work on my book project on Scandinavia and the Black Atlantic. I am the co-director of the research center NAU: Nordic Research at Aarhus University, and part of the AU branch of the Nordic research consortium ReNEW: Reimagining Norden in an Evolving World.

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