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Lene Juul Pedersen


Profile photoLene Juul Pedersen
Section Manager, Professor
Department of Animal Science - Behaviour and stressbiology
Blichers Allé 20
K27, 3208
8830 Tjele
Email: lene.juulpedersen@anis.au.dk
Mobile: +4551162822
Phone: +4587157907
Web: http://pure.au.dk/portal/en/lene.juulpedersen@anis.au.dk


Lene Juul Pedersen was awarded a M.Sc. in Agronomics in 1988 and a PhD in 1993 for her thesis concerning the effect of stress and social environment on oestrus in sows. Since then she has been employed at the Danish Institute of Agricultural Sciences, except for a short period (1995-1998) at the Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University. Her research has focused on the biological as well as ethological requirements of sows and their ability to adapt to the production environment. Special emphasis has been on the effect of the environment on the development of expedient social behavioural patterns, oestrus and maternal behaviour. The objective of her research is to increase the knowledge of how to design production environments for adult animals promoting behavioural patterns that consider the welfare of the animals as well as production and reproduction. Since 2002 Lene Juul Pedersen has mainly carried out research into the relations between maternal abilities and early piglet mortality with special emphasis on lactating sows kept in loose housing systems.


Web of Science: 24
Google Scholar: 31
Scopus: 25


1993: PhD from The Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University, Copenhagen. The influence of the social environment on oestrus and mating behaviour in gilts
1988: MSc. in Agricultural Science. The Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University, Copenhagen

Further education
2002: Course in Mixed models for research in Agricultural Science
2000: Course in Management of projects
1995: Course in Laboratory Animal Science at The University of Copenhagen


PhD courses (1-2 weeks per course)
2004: Brain and behaviour
2002: Genes and Behaviour
1998: Parental behaviour in animals
1994: Learning in animals
1992: Methods and design of experiments in animal nutrition
1990: Stress, behaviour and health


2018-: Professor (Animal Welfare and Precesion Livestock Farming) and head of section at Aarhus University, Dept. of Animal Science2001-2018: Senior researcher at The Danish Institute of Agricultural Sciences, Dept. of Animal Health, Welfare and Nutrition2000-2001: Maternal leave (6 months)
1998-2001: Researcher at The Danish Institute of Agricultural Sciences, Dept of Animal Health and Welfare
1995-1998: Postdoc at The Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University, Div. of Ethology and Health
1994-1995: Maternal leave (10 months)
1990-1993: Phd student at The Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University
1989-1990: Research assistent at The National Institute of Animal Science, Dept. of Research in Pigs and Horses


Studies on animal behaviour, behavioural needs and stress responses to investigate impact of housing, management and genetic on animal welfare, primarily pigs.
Improve and develop new housing, feeding and management systems for pigs that take into account behavioural and physiological needs.
Studies of behavioural indicators reflexting health and welfare problems. The knowledge is used to develop early warning systems for health and welfare related problems on pig farms.
Current research topics: Early warning systems for eg. tail biting, pen fouling, health problems and farrowing, Environmental enrichment and fouraging, Farrowing housing and management in conventional and organic production, Management of large litters
The research is published in high impact peer review journals within the fields of animal behavior and animal science.

Leadership and Administration

Since 2018 leader of the research unit for Animal Behaviour and Stress Biology at the Department of Animal Science. Successful grant applications and leadership of larger cross-disciplinary research projects with both scientific and industrial partners. The projects are to a large extent carried out in collaboration between universities (both national and international), organizations and private companies. Documented project management qualifications.


Supervisor for both national and international students’ at all academic levels from bachelors to PhD students. The students are usually part of larger inter-disciplinary research projects, and through that, they gain both excellent scientific knowledge and a good understanding of the context in which behaviour and welfare research can be applied. Involved in teaching at all academic levels. Certified qualifications as a supervisor for PhD students.

Innovation, industry collaboration and technology transfer

Initiator of several larger cross disciplinary R & D projects: Innovations to keep sows loose housed during farrowing and lactations, precision livestock farming tecniques to improve early piglet survival and to reduce tail biting and pen fouling in growing pigs, and innovations within pen and slurry systems to supply growing pigs with sufficient amount of straw in commercial pens. Projects are carried out in close collaboration with industrial partners and private companies to ensure fast transfer of knowledge into commercial products.

Other activities

Strongly involved in knowledge generation and knowledge transfer to the Danish and EU authorities concerned with legislation on Animal Welfare issues. Have been appointed as expert for EFSA on ”Welfare of sows and boars” (2007) and “Pig Welfare Indicators” (2011), and represented Aarhus University in a Danish working group “Hold af svin” under The Ministry of Justice Denmark from 2006-2010. The aim was to suggest improved Pig Welfare Legislation in Denmark. Invovlved in The Department of Animals Science’s succefull application and start up of the First European Union Reference Center for Animal Welfare together with Wageningen Livestock research (The Netherlands) and the Friedrich Loeffler Institue (Germany). Knowledge is also exchanged to society, industry and authorities through a variety of non-scientific media