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Leihui Li

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Leihui Li


Oneliner Description

My project aims to develop revolutionary robot interaction technologies integrated with intelligent 3D vision and Digital Twin to advance company manufacturing and products. To further advance the company's manufacturing and products with high intelligence and automation.


Current Collaborative Industrial Robots (CIRs) are not able to meet the needs of Small- medium Enterprise (SME) manufacturing requiring the robots should be easy to use, affordable, customizable, compact, safe, etc. Therefore, it is still challenging to integrate CIRs into SME production and manufacturing. This PhD thesis project aims to address the challenging problems on grasping and manipulation in SME using CIRs. The PhD thesis project consists of three research efforts: 1) Robust object (workstations, workpieces, obstacles, and human workers) detection and localization based on computer vision integrated with machine learning technology, 2) Development of the robotic grasping method that can be adaptive to objects with diverse geometry shapes, size, and materials based on grasping modeling analysis and learning- based technologies, and 3) Robotic manipulation being collaborated with human workers with high safety and efficiency based on Learning from Demonstration (LfD) and human-robot- collaboration (HRC). In addition, Digital Twins will be employed to establish the digital model of a collaborative robot system in the virtual SME production and manufacturing environment for accelerating and facilitating the deployment of robots and will be validated through experiments. The research achievements of this PhD thesis project will provide valuable insights and tools for implementing CIRs into SME production and manufacturing.

Research Interests

Computer Vision & Robotics

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