Department of Economics and Business Economics

Leif Danziger


Leif Danziger


Visiting Professor

Member of the Labour and Public Policy Section
Research Secretaries: Susan Stilling and Mette Vad Andersen

Research Areas

  • Minimum Wage
  • Unemployment Benefits
  • Macroeconomic Effects of Adjustment Costs
  • The Optimal Number of Export Destinations

Latest Publications

  •  "Optimal Unemployment Benefits Policy and the Firm Productivity Distribution," with Tomer Blumkin and Eran Yashiv. International Tax and Public Finance, (forthcoming).
  •  "The Unanimity Rule and Extremely Asymmetric Committees," with Ruth Ben-Yashar. Journal of Mathematical Economics 64, (May 2016): 107-112.
  •  "When Is Voting Optimal?" with Ruth Ben-Yashar. Economic Theory Bulletin 3, (October 2015): 341-356.
  •  "A Pareto-Improving Minimum Wage," with Eliav Danziger. Economica, (April 2015): 236-252.
  •  "On the Optimal Composition of Committees," with Ruth Ben-Yashar. Social Choice and Welfare 43, (December 2014): 973-980.


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