Department of Psychology and Behavioural Sciences

Lea Trier Krøll

Part-time Lecturer, PhD Student

Lea Trier Krøll


In the PhD project ‘Everyday Life’s Medicine’ I investigate how prescription drugs are shared among young adult students and used in so-called non-medical ways in the context of everyday life. Among other things, some students use prescription drugs without prescription, or in other ways than prescribed, wishing that particular drugs may help improve their concentration while studying, fall a sleep, or deal with emotional pains. The point of departure for the project is an empirical investigation of 28 young peoples’ accounts of their experiences with various types of non-medical use of prescription drugs in their everyday life as a student. Philosophical and sociological concepts of time will be applied to inquire into the social temporalities of their drug use experiences.

I organise a 10-ECTS course at AU Summer University called ‘Youth, Drugs and Alcohol: Social Science Approaches’.

I can provide supervision of bachelor projects or master's thesis within the fields:

  • Sociology of time
  • Qualitative methods
  • Youth alcohol and drug use

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