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Lea Lund

Assistant Professor

Lea Lund
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My main research topics concern the professional development of high school teacher and teachers in general and school leaders. 

I have long been very interested in the synergy between the goal of schooling – the intentionality – on the one hand and the actual pedagogical actions in the teaching situation on the other hand. Some call it the gap between theory and practice. I prefer to call it the synergy between the two, because I think one should strive to make practice influence theory but also at the same time make theory influence practice. In my research career I have worked with this issue aspect in many different ways.

My research interest involves combining practical knowing and academic knowledge – to encourage interaction between practice and theory. How do we view the everyday lives of learners from a scientific point of view? How can we produce valuable insight for politicians and stakeholders outside academia? And how can academia make its knowledge valuable for educators? My contribution is to combine theory and practice, both of which have great value. The synergy between the two will make it possible to produce insights that can deliver the strong creative and critical thinking for which we have such great regard in Denmark. I am perfectly aware that combining theory and practice is by no means a simple endeavour. But I also believe that the knowledge generated by research can lead to insights of great value in the field of education. And combined with the knowledge generated by practice (involving extensive empirical studies in the field of learning and education), I am convinced that research can contribute to scientific discussions in this area as well as helping to improve the teaching done by practitioners in the classroom.

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