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Laura Katrine Skinnebach

Associate Professor

Laura Katrine Skinnebach

My research interests focus on medieval and early modern animation, materiality, image theory, devotional practice, spirituality and sensory perception. I am interested in the theoretical approaches to the study of forms of animation, practice, imagery and agency - both historical and modern - and have worked with various media, including small religious objects (rosaries, prints, jewelry, prayer nuts, etc.), prayer books, altarpieces, epitaphs and sculptures, and how they are engaged in religious practice and interaction with of the divine. In recent years, I have focussed on the Reformation as a period marked by cultural transition, with a particular focus on the appropriation of material culture and forms of mediation. My latest research project - in collaboration with PI Hans Henrik Lohfert Jørgensen at Art History, AU, and Henning Laugerud from the University of Bergen - deals with animation in Scandinavia's medieval visual culture and devotional practice. The project examines interaction with living images - mechanical, miraculous and magical - in a historical perspective, and writes the living image into art history.

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