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Laura Gilliam

Associate Professor

Laura Gilliam

I am an Associate Professor, Ph.D. in Educational Anthropology and have a master in Anthropology from the University of Copenhagen, with sociology and psychology from Oxford Brookes University, England.


My research lies in the intersection between child, school and ethnicity research and is particularly focused on the relationship between children and young people's self-understandings, communities, practices and experiences, the school's institutional logics and practices, and the norms, conflicts and civilising projects of the broader society. I have conducted fieldwork at several schools in Denmark, among children in Belfast, Northern Ireland and in Guinea-Bissau, West Africa.


I am a member of the research unit Childhood, Youth and Institution - Educational Anthropological Perspectives, a co-coordinator for the research unit Ethnicity, Diversity and Education, a member of the Center for Migration and Integration Research (MIAU), Aarhus University, and I teach at the Master's degree program in Educational Anthropology.


My research is more specifically centered around the following topics:

  • Identity, ethnicity, gender and religion in school
  • Children's identity understanding, school strategies and social communities in school
  • Troublemaking and oppositional communities
  • School as a civilizing institution: upbringing, integration and the welfare society.
  • Islam, children and the Danish school: The construction of the Muslim identity, appropriate religiosity and 'secularities-in-practice'.
  • Experiences of discrimination among minority Danish boys.
  • Descendant parents and their children - school strategies and migration in a generational perspective

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