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CV - Lasse Engelbrecht Lindekilde
(May 2018)

Personal data
Born: 22 February 1976
e-mail: Lindekilde@ps.au.dk
Tel: +45 6168 3077
Civil status: Married, 3 children

Education and Degrees
December 2008: PhD from the Department of Social and Political Science, European University Institute, Florence
August 2005:Master of Research, the European University Institute, Florence
July 2004:Master's degree in Political Science from Aarhus University, Denmark
July 2001:Bachelor's degree in Political Science, Aarhus University, Denmark
July 1998:Exam. Art., Scandinavian Language and Literature, Aarhus University, Denmark

Academic AppointmentsApril 2019 - present: Professor, Department of Political Science, Aarhus University, Denmark.Jan 2018 - July 2018: Visiting Fellow, The Orfalea Centre for Global and International Studies
Aug. 2014-Aug. 2015: Visiting Fellow, Department of Communication, University California Santa Barbara, USA
2012- 2019: Associate professor, Department of Political Science, Aarhus University, Denmark
2009-2012: Post-doctoral fellow, Department of Political Science, Aarhus University, Denmark
2004-2008: PhD Student, European University Institute, Florence. Grant paid by the Danish Ministry of Science

Recent Grants
2020:'Standing by: Pro-social Bystander Reactions to Online Political Hostility' (STANDBY). ERC Consolidator Grant (DKK 14.842.560). PI.

2019:   'Research on Online Political Hostility' (ROPH). Funded by the Carlsberg Foundation (DKK 15.700.000). Co-PI.


‘Neighborhood Characteristics, Radicalization and Criminal Involvement in Denmark – A Pilot Study’ 2018. Funded by The Rockwool Foundation. (DKK 258,205 »€34,000). Principal Investigator.

‘Græsrødder, demonstranter og ekstremister: Politisk deltagelse på den dansk venstrefløj 1945-2018’ [Grassroots, activists and extremists: Left-wing political participation in Denmark 1945-2018]’ 2018-2020. Funded by The Velux Foundation(DKK 950,000 »€127,300). Co-investigator.

‘Building Community Resilience: Preventing and Mitigating the Impact of Violent Extremism through Pre-event Risk Communication’ 2018. Funded by The Carlsberg FoundationThe Danish Council for Independent Researchand the Danish Innovation Institute Silicon Valley(total DKK 380,000 »€50,900). Principal Investigator.

‘Nordic Multiagency Approaches to Handling Extremism: Policies, Perceptions and Practices’ 2018-2021. Funded by NORDFORSK – Nordic Societal Security programme(DKK 2,950,000 »€394,000). Co-investigator.


Dkk 1,554,000 from EC Marie-Skodlowska-Curie. Postdoc-stipendium for David Parker. Project on ‘A cross-country comparison of Communications designed to Prevent Radicalisation’.


Dkk 3,090,000 from AUFF Associate Professor Starting Grant. Project on ’How Radicalization Happens and is Countered: Threathened Fundamental Life Embeddedness, Personal Risk-factors and Small Group Dynamics’.


Dkk 1,129,793 from the Minerva Research Program under the US Department of Defense. Project on ‘The Social Ecology of Radicalization: A Foundation for the Design of CVE Initiatives’.


Dkk 3,267,840 from the FP7-SEC-2013.6.1-2. Project on ’Preventing, Interdicting, and Mitigating Extremism: Defending Against Lone Actor Extremist Events’ (PRIME). Grant agreement no: 608354

2013: Dkk 732,081 from The DanishNational Research Council, the Carlsberg Foundation and the InternationalNetwork Programme under the Danish Agency for Science, Technology andInnovation. Project on ‘When and how Enclave Deliberation Leads to Extremism’to be carried out at the Department of Communication, UCSB.    

Participation in International Research Projects and Research management
2016-2019: PI on "How Radicalization Happens and is Countered: Threathened Fundamental Life Embeddedness, Personal Risk-factors and Small Group Dynamics"
2014-2017: Danish PI on’Preventing, Interdicting, and Mitigating Extremism: Defending Against Lone Actor Extremist Events’ (PRIME – Commission contract no: 608354). Partners from Britain, the Netherlands, Poland, Israel and Denmark. Supervision of one post-doctoral fellow
2012: Danish PI on ‘The Impact of Counter-terrorism measures on communities’, financed by the Open Justice Society Foundation. Partners from Britain, Sweden, Germany, the Netherlands, and France
2010-2013: Part of Danish research team on ‘Tolerance, Pluralism and Social Cohesion: Responding to the Challenges of the 21st Century in Europe’ (ACCEPT Pluralism – Commission contract no: 243837). Partners from 14 EU countries plus Turkey
2009-2010: Danish PI on ‘Radicalization among Young Muslims in Medium-sized European Cities’, financed by Center for Islamisme og radikaliseringsprocesser (CIR), AU. Partners from Britain, Germany, Italy and France

Academic Supervision

Currently the main supervisor of four PhD-candidates, and the co-supervisor of one PhD-candidates. In addition, currently the supervisor of one post-doc candidate.

Recent Professional Activities

2016 – present:   Expert member of the Danish National Alliance to Combat OnlineRadicalization, sponsored by the Danish Security and Intelligence Service.

2016 – present:   Member of the RAN Center of Excellence Expert Pool, sponsored by the EuropeanCommission.

2015 – present: Member of the editorial board of the Radicalization Awareness Network Centre of Excellence, sponsored by the European Commission.

2015 – present: Head of section, section of political sociology, Department of Political Science, AU.

2014 – present Editorial board member, Politica.


Advisor to the Radicalisation Prevention Network, organised by the Municipality of Aarhus and the East Jutland Police Force

Research Focus Areas
Radicalization, extremism and prevention
Free spaces, deliberation and group-polarization
Social movements and political protest
Risk communication
Group-identity and group-solidarity 

List of Publications – Lasse Lindekilde (born 1976)

Total number of peer-reviewed publications: 45

Citations (Google Scholar): 577


27) Lindekilde, L., Pearce, J. M., Parker, D & Rogers, B. 2019. ‘Communicating public guidance for firearms and weapons attacks: factors influencing intention to ‘run, hide, tell’ in the UK and Denmark’, Risk Analysis. DOI: 10.1111/risa.13301


26) Lindekilde, L. & Gøtzsche-Astrup, Oluf. 2019. ’Either or? Reconciling findings on mental health and extremism using a dimensional rather than categorical paradigm’, Journal of Forensic Sciences. DOI: 10.1111/1556-4029.14014


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