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Lars Skipper

Associate Professor

Lars Skipper


Associate Professor
MSc (Econ), Aarhus University, 2002
PhD (Econ), Aarhus University, 2005

Member of the Economics Section
Research Secretary: Mette Vad Andersen

Research Interests

  • Program Evaluation
  • Human Capital Formation
  • Applied Micro Econometrics


Current Research

  • Estimation of Demand Elasticities
  • Caseworker - Client Interactions


  • Introductory macro economics
  • Applied economic consulting


  • Rosholm, Michael and Lars Skipper (2009): Is labour market training a curse for the unemployed? Evidence from a social experiment. Journal of Applied Econometrics, 24: 338-365.
  • Munch, Jakob Roland, Lars Skipper, and Svend Jespersen (2008): “Costs and Benefits of Danish Active Labour Market Programmes”, Labour Economics, 15: 859-884.
  • Munch, Jakob Roland and Lars Skipper (2008): Program Participation, Labor Force Dynamics, and Accepted Wage Rates. In D. Millimet, J.A. Smith and E. J. Vytlacil, eds., Advances in Econometrics 21: 197-262.
  • Simonsen, Marianne and Lars Skipper (2008): An Empirical Assesment of Effects of Parenthood on Wages. In D. Millimet, J.A. Smith and E. J. Vytlacil, eds., Advances in Econometrics, 21: 359-380.
  • Simonsen, Marianne and Skipper, Lars (2006): The Cost of Motherhood. An Analysis using Matching Estimators, Journal of Applied Econometrics, 21: 919-934
  • Brendstrup, Bjarne, Hylleberg, Svend, Nielsen, Morten, Skipper, Lars and Stentoft, Lars (2004): Seasonality in Economic Models, Macroeconomic Dynamics, 8, 362-394.



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