Department of Law

Lars Hedegaard Kristensen

  1. The Law of Movable and Immovable Property.

    Madsen, L. H. G., Rohde, C., Millung-Christoffersen, A., Jensen, M. H., Iversen, T., Kristensen, L. H., Ørgaard, A., Munk-Hansen, C., Biendzus, H. M. & Steensgaard, K.

    01/01/2014 → …

    Project: Research

  2. Panteret

    Madsen, L. H. G., Millung-Christoffersen, A., Rohde, C. & Kristensen, L. H.

    01/04/2011 → …

    Project: Research

  3. Law of Obligations

    Madsen, L. H. G., Iversen, T., Rohde, C., Trolle, K., Kristensen, L. H. & Jørgensen, T.

    02/01/2006 → …

    Project: Research