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Lærke Cecilie Anbert

PhD Student, PhD Fellow

Lærke Cecilie Anbert


Lærke holds a M.Sc in anthropology from the University of Copenhagen, and a M.Sc. in Gender Studies from the London School of Economics and Political Science. She has previously worked as a research assistant and external lecturer at the University of Copenhagen, Department of Anthropology.


Lærke is particularly interested in themes such as nationalism, political violence, activism, racialisation and gender. She has conducted fieldwork in the UK on military remembrance practices and the construction of national unity and imaginaries. Further she has conducted fieldwork on community building in New Orleans after hurricane Katrina.


As a PhD fellow, Lærke will investigate student activism in the United States.

Student activists in the US are calling for so-called “de-naming” of campus buildings to avoid racist and colonial connotations, decolonizing of curricula, no-platforming and demonstrations  to prevent what they deem to be “hate-speech” while simultaneously holding university administrations accountable for diversity and inclusion policies to protect minority students. In this PhD project, Lærke aims to investigate the contentions and negotiations between students and staff over demands to decolonize education and create “safer spaces”, through studying the practice of student demands through relevant courses, de-naming and no-platforming protests and other measures. Through ethnographic fieldwork, she will explore the ongoing debates and engage in creating a reflective space for the involved interlocutors.


The project is funded by the Danish Independt Research Fund as part of the larger project: "Fighting for e/quality: Comparative ethnographies of new student movements"

ID: 173775224