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K.T. Jensen
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My main research is on the ecology of benthic animals in estuaries and intertidal areas (Wadden Sea).

I have a general interest in processes that control the structure and dynamics of benthic populations and communities. I have a particular interest in: i) parasites in marine host populations and ii) the functional consequences of invasive species in shallow water ecosystems.



i) My studies of parasites in marine intermediate hosts deal with host effects, transmission-ecology and life-cycle plasticity. Mudsnails, mudshrimps and cockles are my favored experimental organisms.

ii) Currently we are studying the functional role of two invasive Asian Shore Crabs and how the Pacific Oyster impact the Wadden Sea ecosystem. 



My studies have contributed to an understanding of the impact of parasites on host populations (shellfish and amphipods) and on factors controlling the transmission of parasite larvae. Other studies have contributed to our knowledge of the genetic diversity of cockles and some of their parasite species along latitudinal gradients. Studies of invasive marine species have improved our knowledge of their ecological importance in their new ecosystem.



I have collaborated with colleagues from marine research institutions from abroad (France, Germany, Netherland, Spain, Portugal, Vietnam) either through national or international programs. 

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