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Kristoffer Balslev Willert

PhD Student

Kristoffer Balslev Willert


My main philosophical interest comes with the reception of Kantian philosophy, both in German Idealism and parts of more contemporary philosophy, which is also the setting for my current PhD-project. It is, in simple terms, the following: a critical engagement with and response to post-humanist ontological theories, such as reductive, scientific naturalism, and ‘speculative realism’. For this, I will turn to F. W. J. Schelling’s philosophy, and systematically stipulate what I take to be his neutral monist thesis: that human agency, thinking and aboutness (to mention just a few ‘states’) is dependent upon and part of what he calls Nature – his concept for the unrestricted totality of what there is, including irreducible human subjectivity – but that they cannot be exclusively reduced to certain basic physical, chemical or biological properties, states, interactions, processes etc. Instead he proposes an interesting emergence thesis. Since this position shares certain anti-naturalist commitments that are present within so-called ‘analytical’ philosophy, such as Timothy Williamson, Hilary Putnam and Thomas Nagel, the project will also bridge the gap between different traditions, that for many seem incompatible. This critical stance towards post-humanist shall finally provide a basis for engaging with questions of normativity and human responsibility that arise out of the idea that we live in the Anthropocene era – the natural-geological age where man impacts the Earth System as a powerful and fatal agent – by stipulating a confined locality of normativity. The overall aim is thus to provide an alternative to post-humanist ontology and display how such an alternative is not only more well-founded on its own, but also more fitting for the political and ethical queries that we presently find ourselves in.

Areas of specialization: History of Philosophy (Modern Philosophy, Kant, German Idealism); Metaphysics; Naturalism/anti-naturalism; Climate Philosophy

Areas of competence: Philosophical methodology (Metaphilosophy); Philosophical Aesthetics; Philosophy of Mind; Phenomenology; Critical Thinking; Normativity of logic

I am happy to supervise BA-projects that somehow fall under my research interests.




German Idealism in the Anthropocene. Edinburgh Press (co-edited with Anders Moe Rasmussen and Jesper Lundsfryd). [in progress]

Antropocæn [The Anthropocene. 10 article-edition on the concept the Anthropocene, mainly by philosophers, but also artists, anthropologists and sociologists]. Aarhus: Turbulens. [in progress]



Under review                         Frege’s externalism about the normativity of logic. 

Under review                         Schelling, evil and the Anthropocene

Under review                         Semantical take on the antinomies

In progress                            The moral law as a "Faktum"

In progress                            Tragedy and metaphysics: A Schellingian approach

In progress                            A phenomenological theory of intersubjectivity - Merleau Ponty's take



Review of Brute Facts (ed. Elly Vintiadis and Constantinos Mekios). Oxford:  Oxford University Press [review to be published in British Journal for the Philosophy of Science Review of Books]. [forthcoming]

Review of After Geo-Engineering (Holly Jean Buck). London: Verso [to be published in Dagbladet Information]. [forthcoming]

Review of Tractatus Philosophico-Poeticus (Signe Gjessing). Copenhagen: Forlaget Vandkunsten [to be published in Filosofiske Anmeldelser]. [forthcoming]

Review of Som gjaldt det livet (Jørgen Steen Nielsen). Copenhagen. Informations forlag [to be published in Solidaritet]. [forthcoming]



Forthcoming                          Walter Benjamin: Udvalgte tekster. Aarhus: Slagmark.



In progress [Aeon]                  How should we think? [article on the normative status of logic]



Frege on the normative status of logic (Research Unity for Epistemology, Metaphysics, and Philosophy of Cognition, University of Aarhus). [2020]

A semantical version of Kant’s antinomy theory (University of Southern Denmark, Odense, Annual Meeting of the Danish Philosophical Association). [2020]

Kant’s paralogisms (The German Idealism Research Unit, University of Aarhus). [2020]

What is naturalism? (Department of Philosophy and history of ideas, Lab-teaching, Track B, University of Aarhus). [2020]

Does the Age of Man imply evil (conference Man and Nature arranged by The German Idealism Research Unit, University of Aarhus). [2019]

Schelling’s System des transzendentalen Idealismus (The German Idealism Research Unit, University of Aarhus) [2018]

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