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Kourosh Hooshmand


Kourosh Hooshmand


Project Title: Chemistry of plant root signaling compounds with importance for the plant-associated microbiome and disease resistance

Plants are sessile organism anchored to the soil through their roots. The primary role of the root is taking water and nutrients from the soil. Apart from that, the root also exudates a wide range of low molecular weight biologically active chemical compounds such as primary and secondary metabolites into the soil, thereby plant can directly overcome biotic stresses caused by various soil-borne detrimental pathogens such as bacteria, fungi, oomycetes and nematodes.

However, through the history, plants have also developed another resistance ability in which we hypothesize that it can indirectly cope with pathogen stress by manipulating its root associated microbiome in the densely populated area known as the rhizosphere. This interaction can be mediated by the secretion of a wide range of phytochemicals from the root into the rhizosphere.

The molecular mechanism underlying plant-microbe interaction leading to plant resistance against the pathogen is poorly underwent an investigation. Hence, the overall aim of my project would be to study the triangle interaction between plant root exudate, its associated microbiome and pathogen. By improving the fundamental knowledge on how root associate microbiome assist the plant to fight against the pathogen, we could breed the new cultivars with optimized root associated microbiome to prevent plant diseases thus we can minimize the utilization of harmful chemical such as pesticides.

I will be working with various advanced analytical techniques such as LC-MS/MS and GC-TOF/MS along with interpretation of complex data using multivariate data analysis to decipher the complex mechanism underlying behind the plant and beneficial microbiome interaction leading to disease resistance against detrimental root pathogen.

ID: 102869336