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Knud Erik Jørgensen

Teaching associate professor emeritus

Knud Erik Jørgensen
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Cand.phil., Aarhus Universitet, 1977

Basic training/ education

  • MA., University of Aarhus, Institute for Political Science (Social Studies with special emphasis on organizations, sociology and social psychology) Feb. 1977
  • Baccalaureate, Academy of Aarhus, 1970
    • Maritime exam, Kogtved nautical training college, june1965

Professional/ industrial/ work experience

  • Teaching associate professor, University of Aarhus, Feb. 2011 - pt
  • External lecturer University of Aarhus and University of Southern Denmark (Aug. 2002-jan. 2011)
  • Project manager, Center for Organizational Learning, Danish Technological Institute, June 2002 – Dec. 2003:
  • PHD-student, Aarhus School of Business,  Institute for Management and Leadership, Dec. 1999 – May 2002
  • Danish Technological Institute, Center for Organization and Management apr.1992 – Dec. 1999:
    • Participant as a consultant and phd researcher in the Center for Organizational Learning, Dec. – 1999- May 2002:
    • senior consultant, feb. 1999 – dec. 1999:
    • head of center 1996 – 1998:
    • senior consultant 1992 – 1996:
    • Personnel officer, Arhus Flydedok A/S (shipyard), Jan. 1989- apr. 92
    • Consultant/management coach, 'Bøgehøj' (Center for Management Development, Danish Employers' Confederation, Feb. 1985- Jan. 89
    • Directorate of Labor and related departments as careers advisory officer, consultant, deputy head of department head of a department, 1978-1984
    • Academy of Aarhus,  high school teacher of social studies, history and classical studies, 1973-77
    • Military and non-commissioned officer in the Royal Danish Navy, feb.1966 – aug.68.
    • Mate Apprentice and first trainee at ship-owners J. Lauritzen A / S, jul.1964 – fib 1966.

Supplementary training as a consultant, manager and teacher

  • Autorité, Leadership et transformation, Sous-séminaire d´application, Forum International de l'innovation Sociale, 1996
  • Autorité, Leadership et transformation, Sous-séminaire de transition, Forum International de l'innovation Sociale, 1995
  • Authority, Leadership and Organization, Working Conference, Tavistock Institute of Human Relations, Group Relations Training Programme, the Tavistock Clinic Foundation, 25. Marts - 17. April 1993
  • The National Conference and Exposition, American Society for Personnel Administration, Boston 1989
  • Performance through people, Ashridge Management College, 1987
  • Various courses in management with a view to developing own management function, 1981-85
  • Mercantile course in strategic management of service  companies, 1984
  • Train the Trainer in "Situational Leadership" , Blanchard Management Development Corp., 1984
  • Go Online. Course in blended learning, spring 2013. In connection with this course, I have made ​​9 video lectures to the ITKO course in Organization and Management forms in order to make room for more hands-on training of the concepts.



Consultant experience (Consultation, Education and Training)

  • Develop and implement organizational development programs strategic level, i.e. clarification of the overall strategy proportionate to market / environment, technology, personnel and organizational and management strategy
    • Develop and implement area and departmental goals and plans • Develop and implement leadership training courses for managers at all levels to support the desired organizational development
    • Participated in the development and implementation of a series of courses for a total of four weeks in HRM with special emphasis on the HR function seen in a strategic perspective (in Danish Employers' Confederation auspices).

PHD-courses, Dec. 1999 – May 2002

  • Organizational theory Classics, Department of Organization and Industrial Psychology, Copenhagen Business School
    • Post Positivist Qualitative Research and Data Analysis, Department of Sociology, University of Copenhagen
    • Institutional organizational analysis, Department of Organization and Industrial Psychology, Copenhagen Business School
    • Modern Sociological Theory, Department of Management, Education and Philosophy, Copenhagen Business School.
    • EDAMBA Summer School, Chateau de Bonas, France
    • Qualitative Research Methods', Department of Organization and Management, Aarhus School of Business

Educational activities at Aarhus Business School/University of Aarhus and University of Southern Denmark

  • Development and implementation of the elective course Managing Teams in HD-1
  • Development and Teaching at ITKO (master thesis course) in Organization and Management Forms
  • Development and teaching in the elective course "Organizing Processes in Small Firms"
  • Lectures at the undergraduate course "Behavior in Organizations"
  • Lectures on the Bachelor of Language Faculty in Organization
  • Lectures and exercises in Organizational Psychology at BMCC, linguistic faculty
  • Master of Business Administration (SOL) as a guest lecturer on the subject "Process consultation". Consultation Principles in the Tavistock tradition
  • Participation in the development and implementation of prerequisite course Master of Business Administration (SOL): Management and organization processes, spring 2003.
  • Participation in the preparation and implementation of a 3-day module as a learning lab. MBA team 1999. Change Management
    • Thesis and master thesis supervision on ITKO and HDO and MBA (large number)
      • Supervision: Behavior in Organizations
      • Midterm supervision and exam. in the subject Organizational Design
      • Supersision and examination of HDO seminar




  • Giddens and Organizational Learning, working paper for phd course in Modern Sociological Theory, Department of Management, Education and Philosophy, Copenhagen Business School.
  • Emotions in institutions. The fourth pillar in institutional theory? Working paper for  PHD course in Institutional Organization Analyses, Department of Organization and Industrial Psychology, Copenhagen Business School
  • Dynamic theories of organizational learning / learning organization, paper for Organization at Center for Communication, University of Aarhus.
  • Chronicles and articles in newspapers in public debate

Othar Wittings

  • PHD Thesis proposal concerning organizational learning
  • Like most teachers I have for my teaching over the years made ​​quite a lot of material in the form of short or long articles on topics in organization, management, teamwork, behavior, personnel management, Personnel Department's functions etc...

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