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Knud Erik Jørgensen


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  • Department of Political Science
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Bartholins Allé 7
1331, 112
Aarhus C
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Bartholins Allé 7
Aarhus C


Academic Experience

Professor at the Department of Political Science, Aarhus University

Visiting professor at the Institute of European Studies, the Free University, Brussels (September-December)

Visiting professor at the Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Research, European University Institute, Florence (September-December)

Jean Monnet Professor at the Department of Political Science, AU

Associate Professor at the Department of Political Science

Visiting Scholar at the Canadian Institute of Inter¬national Affairs, Toronto (February-September)

Assistant Professor at the Department of Political Science (AU)

External Examiner at the Centre for European Cultural Studies (AU); since 2000 external examiner at political science departments in Odense, Aalborg, Roskilde and Copenhagen; also external examiner at ASB

Jean Monnet Fellow at the Robert Schuman Centre, the EUI, Florence

Research Fellow affiliated with the Copenhagen Peace Research Institute

Visiting Fellow at the Royal Institute of Inter¬national Affairs, London

PhD candidate at the Department of Political Science (AU).

Civil servant at the Aarhus Municipality administration


Since 1988, I have been teaching at all levels, ranging from introductory courses on Danish politics to PhD courses and summer schools on European and international politics. Course topics include EU politics, theories of European integration and governance, European foreign policy, international relations theory, the politics of international organizations.

Key Positions in Professional Associations/international advisory boards

Chair of the ECPR Standing Group on International Relations (2010-2013)

Co-editor of Palgrave’s ‘the EU in International Affairs’ book series’

Member of international advisory board, Swiss Political Science Review

Associate editor of the Journal on European Integration

Member of the advisory board, Istanbul Bilgi University’s European programme

Co-editor of Palgrave Studies in International Relations

Member of the organizing committee of the World International Studies Committee’s 2008 WISC II Conference; Programme Chair.

Member of the advisory board, Routledge book series: Europe in the World.

Member of the advisory board of the Swedish National Defence College (security research programme).

Board of the Danish European Community Studies Association; since 2003 deputy chair of the association; chair of the association 2005-2006.

Member of the executive committee of the ECPR Standing Group on International Relations.

Advisory Board of the ”Europe in Change Series” at Manchester University Press

Steering Committee of ECPR Standing Group on the European Union; 2000-2007 chair of the Steering Committee.

Board member of the Nordic International Studies Association.

Board member of the Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence, University of Aarhus.

Membership of professional associations

International Studies Association, University Association of Contemporary European Studies (UACES), Danish Society for European Studies, Central and Eastern European ISA,

Research Projects/Grants

The European Community in World Politics (1991-1993), European Governance (1996-1998); Globalization and European Integration (1999-2002); Cultural Encounters and Communities (2000-2003); coordinator of The EU as an International Actor (2004-2006); coordinator at the IFSK of Global Governance, Regionalisation and Regulation: The Role of the EU (Garnet - an EU Framework Six Programme-funded Network of Excellence, 2005-2009). Coordinator of European ESF Research project on the EUs Performance in International Institutions (2010-2014; partner in Wolkswagen Foundation funded research project on EU External Energy Governance (2011-2013). Apart from Garnet and the External Energy Governance project, research projects have been funded by the Danish Social Science Research Council.

National and international recognition

Peer referee reports have been prepared for the European Journal of International Relations, Journal of European Integration, International Political Science Review, Millennium, Journal of Common Market Studies, Cooperation and Conflict, European Integration online Papers, Review of International Studies; Statsvetenskablig Tidsskrift, Cambridge Review of International Studies. Reviews of manuscripts/book proposals have been commissioned by Oxford University Press, Stanford University Press, Manchester University Press, University of Minnesota Press, Routledge, Palgrave, Sage, Kluwer Law International, Ashgate. I have been editor of the journal Cooperation and Conflict (2002-2004); since 2004 I have been member of the editorial board of the journal European Political Science. Book reviews and review articles have been published in e.g., International Affairs, Cooperation and Conflict, European Foreign Affairs Review, Millennium, Regional and Federal Studies, International Journal, Journal of Common Market Studies, Journal of European Public Policy.

Administrative, Organizational and Other Services

Evaluator of research grant applications under the EU’s Sixth Framework Programme (2004); Independent Observer within the Directorate General on Research (2005); evaluator in the context of ESF programmes; co-submitter of six EUFP7 applications

Independent observer for NORFACE, November 2006.

Evaluator of research grant applications for the Austrian Ministry of Research (2005); the Flemish ministry of research 2008, 2010.

Evaluator of research grant applications for Riksbanken’s Research Foundation, Sweden (2005, 2011).

Organiser of an International PhD Summer School on ‘Theories of European Integration’, 3-14 August 2003, Sandbjerg (University of Aarhus).

Participant in two international projects on teaching International Relations by means of the Internet (, the most recent completed in February 2007; might join again in 2011.

Organiser of international conferences and workshops 1989-2006 (ph.d. programmes, director of two ECPR Workshops, organiser of three conferences at the EUI, Florence; organiser of two conferences in Aarhus, 1997, 1998 and one in Brussels, June 2006, co-organiser - as NISA representative – with the International Studies Association of a major conference in Hong Kong 2001; (co-)programme chair for the joint CEEISA-NISA-RISA conference in Moscow, June 2002; co-organiser of the 1st Pan-European Conference on European Union Politics, Bordeaux, September 2002; 2nd Pan-European Conference on European Union Politics, Bologna, June 2004; 3rd Pan-European Conference on European Union Politics, Istanbul, September 2006; chair of the organizing committee, 7th pan-European conference on International Relations, Stockholm 2010..

Member of PhD Committees at the EUI (Florence), Canberra, Amsterdam, Canterbury, Copenhagen, Oslo, Stockholm, Barcelona, Odense, Madrid and Aarhus; currently supervising or co-supervising three ph.d-candidates (Braga and Aarhus).


Speaks Danish and English; reads German, French and the Scandinavian languages; some rudimentary knowledge of Italian.