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Klaus Koren

Associate Professor

Klaus Koren

Research areas:

  • Sensors
  • Chemical imaging
  • Biotic/abiotic interactions
  • Fluorescence


Scientific Focus:

My main research interest is to use advanced sensing tools to solve questions in biological, environmental and medical research. Either I use available sensors to address biological questions, or if the needed tools are not available, I develop them.

Chemical Sensor Development:

- Novel sensor solutions for important analytes like O2, pH, ions, H2O2,…
- Chemical imaging systems that make chemistry visible and spatially quantifiable
- Sensor solutions based on nanoparticles, sensor films or optical fibers 
- Combining optical and electrochemical developments

Biological Applications:

- Studying bacterial interactions and the related microenvironments
- Interplay between higher organisms and microbes (e.g. plant – microbe interactions)
- Environmental monitoring and studying of niches within environments

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