Kirsten Jensen

Head of Business Collaboration

Kirsten Jensen

Responsible for – via the Director of Enterprise and Innovation – sparring to AU's business committee. As well as responsible for effective secretarial support to the Committee in the form of ensuring that, the Committee's decisions are implemented and communicated internally as well as externally. This includes that the processes are organized clearly and appropriately, for example with the best possible time for the involvement of relevant bodies, partners, etc.

Chairman of the Coordination Group to the Business Committee, which assists the Business Committee with decision-making proposals, implementation and administrative support etc.

Member of the administrative background group for the Board of Business Hub Central Denmark, of which rector is a member. Member of steering committees in relation to Collaboration with municipalities and involved in entering into agreements with municipalities, regions, business regions and finally larger as well as small and medium-sized enterprises.

Head of AU’s Office of Business Collaboration and part of the management group of Enterprise and Innovation.

ID: 5345934