Kiril Manevski


Kiril Manevski


Kiril Manevski is a scientist with PhD in agroecology (plant and soil), MSc in remote sensing of the environment and graduated environmental engineer. His work integrates field data with process-based modelling and targets for development and improvement of agro-ecosystems that are resource use efficient to produce large biomass with low environmental footprint in Denmark. Kiril has contributed to the BIOVALUE SPIR strategic platform for innovation and research on value added products from biomass, and to the EU-funded pECOSYS project on setting a competitive, credible and resource efficient organic pig production in Denmark.

At present, he investigates how to increase the water- and the nutrient use efficiency in crops and minimize the environmental impacts of agriculture by spatio-temporal analysis. The work is within the European Water-JPI “Water Challenges for a Changing World” and involves the use sensor technologies for monitoring crop water and nutritional status. 

Kiril Manevski is also involved into research, co-supervision of students and also course teaching in China within the Sino-Danish Center for Education and Research, as he is involved within the Danida-funded “Building Stronger Universities” project with KNUST in Ghana.

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