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Kim Gustavson

Senior Researcher

Kim Gustavson


Kim Gustavson. Senior scientist at Department of Bioscience/ DCE - Danish Centre for Environment and Energy, Aarhus University. Senior scientist and educated as biologist from the University of Copenhagen in 1988. Kim Gustavson (KG) has more than 25 years of experience with project management, research and consultancy assignments for private companies and environment authorities. KG has acted as work package leader as well as expert in several EU-research and national research and development projects. Present he is workpack leader in the EU project: Integrated Oil Spill Response Actions and environmental effects – GRACE. KG has key expertise within fate and effect of metal, oil components, pesticides, persistent organic pollutants in aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems, biological and chemical monitoring. In the last years he has participate in projects about transport, distribution and risk assessments of oil and persistent organic pollutants in arctic ecosystems. Since early 2011, he has performed advisory work for the authorities in Greenland within mining and oil exploration. Scientific papers in international scientific journals: more than 50; Technical reports: more than 100.  

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