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Khem Raj Gautam

PhD Student

Khem Raj Gautam
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Project title: Effective indoor climate and air quality control via optimal ventilation air distribution

Project description:
This Ph.D project focuses on the optimal design and air distribution control of hybrid (integrated natural and mechanical) ventilation systems and the application in large buildings including public, agricultural and industrial buildings.

The research involves laboratory and field investigations, CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) modelling and simulations, characterisation of air motion in a room, heat mass transfer in the boundary layer and controlled experiments for hypothesis testing.

The major activities include investigation of the air motion in ventilated room spaces using varied ventilation design, system configurations and control, as well as the effects of indoor partitions, equipment and occupants. An important focus is on air distribution in intensively occupied large room spaces. Such knowledge is key to achieving an optimal solution for a desired indoor thermal climate and air quality.

Supervisor: Senior Researcher Guoqiang Zhang

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