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Khagendra Raj Baral


Khagendra Raj Baral


Project title: Greenhouse gas emissions from agricultural wastes: Effects of biogas treatment


Description: The aim of this PhD study is to determine greenhouse gas emissions from digestates and untreated manure during storage and after field application. Further, the work will investigate sources of N2O in digestate/manure-amended soil, and provide input data for sub-models of CH4 and N2O emissions. Biogas treatment, by reducing waste dry matter and degradable carbon, may reduce decomposer activity and oxygen demand, including methanogenesis during storage and N2O emissions from nitrification and denitrification processes after field application. Experimenal work will include laboratory experiments and pilot-scale field studies. Isotopic composition of substrates and emitted gases are used to investigate sources of CH4 and N2O. 

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