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Katja Brøgger

Research Program Director, PhD, Associate Professor

Katja Brøgger
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Katja Brøgger is Associate Professor in education policy and governance at the Department of Education Science.

Katja is currently main supervisor for three PhD students; Lucas Cone, Ester Zangrandi and Rasmus Harsbo and a postdoctoral researcher; Hannah Moscovitz.


Sapere Aude and Inge Lehmann grant

In 2020 Katja received a Sapere Aude and an Inge Lehmann grant from the Independent Research Fund Denmark to conduct a large-scale international research project on neo-nationalism. The project explores how neo-nationalism has affected national and European higher education policy. The project centers on universities and compares how neo-nationalism has affected higher education policy in Poland, France, Denmark and the UK. It also examines recent actions taken by the EU to counter neo-nationalist trends in Europe.

Learn more about the project 'Asserting the Nation' here: https://dff.dk/en/grants/copy_of_research-leaders-2020/researchleader-20 and on the project website


The research program Policy Futures

Katja is research program director of Policy Futures. The research program explores the double challenge that is confronting current European education policy: 1)how the transnational turn in education policy is reshaping current and future concepts and governing of education, 2)how this transnational order is undermined by the rise of re-nationalizations, nationalisms and populisms.

The program supports the Bachelor's and Master's degree program in Education Science through research and teaching on education policy, governance and administration.

Katja also supervises doctoral students working with education reforms, higher education governance, universities, public-private partnerships, privatization and neo-nationalism.

Learn more about the Research Program Policy Futureshttp://edu.au.dk/en/research/research-programmes/policy-futures/ 


Committees, advisory boards and consortia

Katja is member of the Editorial Advisory Board of Journal of Education Policy and member of the Editorial Board of Globalisation, Societies and Education. She is a member of the PhD Committee ARTS, Aarhus University, a member of The European Consortium of Political Research, the Comparative and International Education Society, Society for Research into Higher Education, and The Consortium of Higher Education Researchers. 


Scholarly interests

Education policy and governance

Universities/higher education 

EU and the European Higher Education Area

Inter/national higher education reform

The rise of neo-nationalism in Europe and European higher education

Privatization and market-making in higher education

Quality assurance/accreditation/accountability policies

Policy instruments

Policy borrowing and lending

New materialism


Classes Taught

PhD courses

Education administration and governance (MA)

Advanced education administration and governance (MA)

Education in a comparative social science perspective (BA)

The politics of knowledge and education (BA)

Education, economy and the labour market (BA, elective module)

Sustainability in teaching, organization and democracy (BA, elective module)

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