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Katherine Findlay Grasberger

PhD Fellow, PhD Student

Katherine Findlay Grasberger


PhD project: Mastering structure design in model foods containing dairy proteins
for flexitarian diets

University: Aarhus University

Department: Food Science

Supervisor: Milena Corredig, Professor

Project supervisor: Marianne Hammershøj, Associate professor

Project term: 011020 – 300923

Master’s degree: MSc in Molecular Nutrition and Food Technology, Aarhus University



There is an increased interest in the use plant proteins in combination with dairy proteins to create foods to address the sustainability issues encountered with our current diets. Using a blend of dairy proteins and plant proteins could overcome some of the functional challenges encountered when using plant proteins alone. It is therefore important to understand the behavior of proteins in a mixed protein system, as this increased knowledge will contribute to the creation of hybrid protein-rich food products with structure and textures acceptable to consumers. Previous research indicates that the texture and structure of food matrices obtained with protein blends can substantially differ from that created by using individual proteins. In particular, when looking at the formation of texture, the viscoelastic behavior of the food material gives an indication of differences in the structure. In mixed systems, the viscoelastic behavior of the protein blend depends on which proteins are present in the blend, the ratio of each protein in the blend, the processing history and functionality of each protein component, the presence of oil, and the processing conditions the matrix is subjected to.



The aim of the project is to study the behavior of plant/dairy protein blends in complex matrices containing oil and water phases to contribute to the knowledge in the creation of hybrid plant-dairy foods. 



In this part of the work, systems of increasing complexity will be studied, so that fundamental knowledge can be derived to predict the behavior of mixed protein systems under relevant industrial processing conditions.



Arla Foods Ingredients

Southern Denmark University


Key words: Proteins, Texture and Structure, Rheology, Milk proteins, Plant proteins, Product quality

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