Department of Business Development and Technology

Kartikeya Satish Acharya

Assistant Professor


2016Doctorate in Design 2016, Aalto University, Helsinki, Finland
2006M.A. in Interaction Design 2006, Domus Academy + Interactive Design Institute, Milan, Italy
2003Bachelors in Architecture 2003, Manipal University, School of Architecture and Planning, India


2017-Department of Engineering - Civil and Architectural Engineering, Aarhus University
2017Design Researcher and Lecturer at the Department of Design in Aalto ARTS
2016Post Doctoral Researcher at the Department of Design in Aalto ARTS • Project Leader of Light Energy Project from the Department of Design for the Aalto Energy Efficiency Program
2015-2016Visiting Design Researcher at Fortum Corporation • Member of New Business Development Group • Collaborator with Chief Technology Officer’s Technology and Innovation Group


Field based Design Practice as User Research 2010-2016:
- Practicing constructive field based design research as an inquiry into everyday domestic energy practices
- Engaging with apartment household communities through design practice for co-designing collaborative energy services
- Mapping methods for domestic appliance use and everyday energy practices
- Methods for inferring social relations with energy use information by design practice
- Prototyping energy efficiency services within high-density developing contexts

Design Practice within Fortum, the Finnish State Energy Utility 2015-2016:
- Application of a critique of Relational Aesthetics, a contemporary art theory to the design of new energy services
- Research through design, prototyping and applying constructive design research methods for designing Demand Response based energy

With Nokia Research Center, Bangalore, India 2008-2009:
- User experience research on urban security for women
- User research on neighbourhood based social networks
- User research on media content consumption

With Nokia Design, Bangalore, India 2007-2008:
- Design and concept development for mobile based Internet services for bottom of pyramid user groups
- Research on users of Internet cafes in urban, peri urban and rural India

With CKS Consulting Pvt Ltd, Bangalore, India 2004-2005:
- Field research and documentation of 30 use-cases of media devices and practices in seven urban and rural centres of North and South Indian cities for a multimedia exhibition titled Used in India
- Research on a phone book for non-literates with Nokia Design, Tokyo


With SCoD 2002-
- With a self run architectural practice designed and executed four family residences and four restaurants

With SKS Consulting Pvt Ltd, Mangalore, India 2003-2004:

- Client facing and design team member for apartment, residential and large commercial space design and construction

With Karan Grover and Associates, Baroda, India 1999:
- Team member for design and execution of a software technology campus housing a workforce of 4000+ software professionals
- Installation design for the Indian artist, Bhupen Khakkar at Tate Modern in London


Lecturer in Course Modules:
- Jack Whalen, & Karthikeya Acharya. (2015-2017). A field based design practice within domestic environments. Lecturer at Course Module of Design and Ethnography
- Tiina Laurila, & Karthikeya Acharya. (2014). Everyday Energy Practices. Lecturer at Course Module of the Creative Sustainability Lectures
- Sampsa Hyysalo, & Karthikeya Acharya. (2013). Lecturer at Course Module of Values in Design
- Tiina Laurila, & Karthikeya Acharya. (2013). Interrogating the Electric as an agenda for Research, Art and Design. Lecturer at Course Module of the Creative Sustainability Lectures
- Pekka Korvenmaa, & Karthikeya Acharya. (2011). Avatar, Averages and the Aurora. Lecturer at Course Module of Design and Culture
- Maarit Mäkelä, Krista Kosonen, & Simo Puintila. (2011). Teaching Assistant and Exhibition Designer at Course Module of Design Experimentation and Exploration
- Eero Miettinen, & Karthikeya Acharya. (2011). Teaching Assistant and Lecturer at Course Module of Design Ethics

Master Thesis Supervisor:
- Lindsay Simmonds (2016-). Service Design for Solar Microgrids in Rural India
- Olli Heiskanen (2017). The Future of Public Spaces with Adaptive Lighting
- Sujil Kodathoor (2015). The Role of the Designer Facilitator: A field based design approach towards facilitating a collaborative technology for a health care project in Tamil Nadu, India

Master Thesis Evaluator:
- Gaurav Kulkarni (2016). Empowering Married Working Indian Women to Achieve Mental Balance in Day to Day Life
- Mikko Ahlstrom (2015). Stimulating regional renewable energy planning in the City of Espoo with an application based on Open Data
- Khanittha Nualtaranee (2012). Impermanence of things
- Taru Hynynen. (2012) People’s Relationship with Energy: How to Build Value on Energy Consumption Monitoring with Service Design

Artist and Curator:
- Exhibition at Fortum, Dwelling with Data by Design: Finland 2016
- Solo Exhibition of Design Practice, Opening the Electrome: Finland 2016
- Initiator and Artist of The Light is History project: Finland 2012
- Initiator and Co-Curator: The Media of Energy and Emotions: Finland 2012
- Assistant Curator of Data as Art and Art as Data Exhibition: Finland 2011
- Artist of Technoshakti, Pixelache, Finland 2008
- Assistant Curator and Artist for the Used in India exhibition: India, Finland, France 2005/06