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Karen Koefoed Petersen

Senior Researcher, Science Team Leader

Karen Koefoed Petersen
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My current research areas are:

  1. Tissue culture and biotechnology with special emphasis on developing methods beneficial for breeding and propagation of horticultural crops. The work includes development of in vitro regeneration systems (somatic embryogenesis, adventitious and axillary shoot formation), mutagenesis, chromosome doubling, Agrobacterium tumefaciens mediated transformation, rejuvenation of woody plants and embryo rescue.
  2. Resource minimisation and optimisation in greenhouse production of ornamentals.

    - Development of methods for cold hardening and non-chemical growth regulation of ornamentals by changed irrigation- and/or fertilization strategies and the physiology and biochemistry behind.

    - Manipulation of chilling tolerance through genetic transformation and the physiology and biochemistry behind are investigated.

    - Cold storage of ornamentals is investigated in order to increase production flexibility and capacity

  3. Development of irrigation and fertilisation strategies in strawberries in order to improve eating quality and reduce resource input.


Previous research includes anther culture in barley, somatic embryogenesis and chromosome doubling of Miscanthus, tomato flavour, and leaching of nutrients from containerized nursery stock.


Running projects

Ornamentals with increased chilling tolerance and energy efficiency

Plant hotels 2 – optimising conditions during storage of pot plants


Sustainable future for Danish fruit for fresh consumption

WP1.3 – Irrigation and fertilisation strategies in strawberries

WP1.4 – Fertilisation strategy for organic production of strawberries


Strawberries – A new irrigation technique (PRD-irrigation) for better eating quality, better shelf life and reduced water and pesticide input


L-DOPA and other therapeutic agents from Mucuna pruriens: Anti-parkinson effects, chemical analysis and genetic screening


Older projects

Improving quality and post production performance of pot plants using controlled stress.


Improved rooting in ornamental shrubs and root stock using tissue culture for rejuvenation.

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