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Karen Bjerg Petersen

Associate professor

Karen Bjerg Petersen
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Academic records:

EDITOR of JISTE, 2011-2018 - Journal of International Society of Teacher Education,

Academic commitee: ISfTE2018, Japan

Convenor: ISFTE2017, Denmark

Editorial councelling: ISfTE Asia-Pacific Conference, 2016

EDITOR of CURSIVno 17, 2015Perspectives on Inclusion. Contributions from Scandinavian Researchers  / Danish: Perspektiver på inklusion. Bidrag fra skandinaviske forskere.

EDITOR of CURSIV, no 14, 2014: Evidence and Evidence-based Education in Denmark. The Current Debate.


Research Leader records: 

Less advantaged learners - Pedagogy on the Edge - 2016-2020

Informal is Normal - on informal and alternative education - European Project 2015-2016

Cn Informal and Intercultural learning among Young Europeans from six European Countries - The Anholt Project, 2013-2014/15

Digital Media - IT in Second Language learning and Teaching, 2012-2014

E-NORDIC - E-learning in Scandinavian languages as Foreign and Second languages, 2009-2011



Teaching Records:

Master of Arts in Education

Master of Arts in Second Language Learning and Teaching

Master of Arts in Intercultural Education

Master of Arts in Educational Anthropology


Research areas:


Less advantaged learners

Informal and intercultural learning

Second Language teaching and learning

Curriculum Studies

Culture Education - Culture Theory

Testing and benchmarking - Education Policy



Partner and project participant/leader i Danish, European and International projects and collaborations:

2017-2019: Youth at the edge - marginalized youth projects

2016-2017: How does Initial Teacher Education prepare future teachers for Diversity. European Project, with participating experts from 27 European countries, led by PPMI, Lithania

2016: Less advantaged learners - Pedagogy on the Edge

2015-2016: Informal is Normal. European project on informal learning and alternative education. With University of Balearic Islands, Spain, Fachhochschule Kärnten, and European Youth Organisations.

2013-2014/15:Cn Informal and Intercultural learning among Young Europeans from six European Countries - The Anholt Project. Participants: Portugal, Spain, Italy, Austria, Germany, Denmark

2012-2014: IT in Second Language Learning and Teaching in Denmark

2012-2013: Evidence-Based education in Denmark - Research and Publication Network

2009-2011: NPM - Om modultest of benchmarking i undervisning af voksne udlændinge i Danmark

2009-2011: E-NORDIC -Scandinavian Languages as Foreign and Second Languages in Nordic and Baltic Countries. Participants: Foundation of Latvian Academy of Culture, Nordistika, Latvia; University of Iceland (Háskóli Íslands), Iceland; Vytautas Magnus University (Vytauto Didžiojo universitetas), Lithuania;  University of Bergen (Universitetet i Bergen), Norway;Estnorlink, Estonia; Danish School of Education, Aarhus University, Denmark

2007: Attitudes of Danish Educators Towards Muslim Immigrant Integration into Danish Society. Leader: Adjunct Professor of Education, Arizona State University, USA, Donald K. Sharpes. In collaboration with Lotte Rahbek Schou, DPU.

2007: TURKAZ – Project for etnic women in establishing own companies

2007: Research and investigation methods - Århus lærerseminarium, JCVU; CVU Sjælland

2004-2006: SOCIMMA - Social integration of immigrants increasing their intercultural knowledge through e-learning environment. Partner countries: Lithuania, Astria, Italy, Slovakia, Denmark.

2004-2005: EUROCOMPASS – Comparison and implementation of integration measures promoting self-empowerment and European Values. Partner countries: England, Italy, Germany, Denmark.

2004: LANGUAGE LEARNING as a means for integration in the EU. Partner countries: France, Spain, Finland, Denmark.

2002-2004: OBIS – Orientierungs-, Bildungs-, und Integrations-Service. Partner countries: Germany, Austria, Hungaria, The Netherlands, Denmark.

2001-2003: TELE-LEOFIL - Tele-Learning environment optimised for independent living. Partner countries: Spain, France, Germany, Italy, Denmark.

2000-2003: EASI – European action for social inclusion. Partner countries: France, England, Italy, Germany, Denmark.

1995-1997: INTERKULTUREL KOMPETENCE – a necessecity for adult trainers. VUB, Kursus- og udviklingscentret for vejledning, uddannelse og beskæftigelse, København

1992-1995: ERGOFORM - Concepts for work with ethnic communities in Europe. Partner countries: Italy, Skotland, England, Germany, Denmark

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