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Kamilla Pedersen

Assistant Professor

Kamilla Pedersen


Kamilla Pedersens research is driven by the fascination of clinical communication and interpersonal competences as a fundamental assessment core within health sciences in general and clinical psychiatry in particular.

She is the founder of the simulation based teaching concept, PsychSim which makes use of video based virtual patient cases, depicting clinical meetings between simulated patients and health professionals.

Kamilla want to study how patient representations in health sciences curriculums, affects students transition to clinical practice. Patient centered concepts applied to educational information technologies in clinical teaching and learning is an underexposed area in research, in which Kamilla contributes.

She has experience within clinical research, as educational consultant, conceptual educational developer, project lead, simulation instructor and as a teacher in clinical psychiatry on all educational levels.

An interdisciplinary educational background and experience as PhD in Medical Education; MA in Educational Anthropology and BScN nurse, qualifies her area of research interest and contributes to the generation of new innovative angles and multidisciplinary perspectives in her field.

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