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Julia Marén Otte

Dr., Postdoc

Julia Marén Otte


30 year old Postdoctoral Researcher. PostDoc in Aquatic Biogeochemistry at Aarhus University, Denmark (since March 2021) in cooperation with Söll and Oase GmbH, Germany. PostDoc at AWI and MPI Bremen, Germany (2018-2021). Research of innovative research topics and issues such as the impacts and risks of deep sea mining with the HFG-MPG Research Department for Deep Sea Ecology and Technology at AWI & MPI. Doctorate in Geomicrobiology and Microbial Ecology with extensive expertise in Aquatic Microbial Ecology, Geomicrobiology, Biogeochemistry and Molecular biology as well as in research and education, risk assessment, expeditionary work and analytical laboratory experience. Master of Science with focus on microbiology and biochemistry. Bachelor of Science with focus on molecular biology.

Skills in planning, organization, coordination and implementation of research projects, studies and experiments. Effective project management, networking and building relationships with (inter)national and inter-disciplinary cooperation partners. Experiences in publishing of high-quality publications, writing research grant applications and peer-reviewing. Coordination of scientific events for students and international visitors. Experience in human resource management in the evaluation of applicants. Highly organized. Strong analytical and logical thinking. Trained in Science communication and scientific presentation skills. Teamwork and conflict management skills. Dynamic, motivating and committed academic teacher, supervisor and mentor for university students. Passionate about teaching scientific courses with a focus on Marine Microbiology, Geochemistry and Environmental Sciences and their interdisciplinary applications. Bilingual (German and English). Great interest in Aquatic Biogeochemistry.

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