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Jonathan Quinson

Dr, Assistant Professor

Jonathan Quinson


My main research interests are the design, synthesis and characterization of nanomaterials.
I have a focus on precious metal based nanomaterials and surfactant-free colloidal syntheses.
I have interest in their use as catalysts or (bio)catalyst supports.
I have a broader interest for Sustainability, Green Chemistry, Energy and the Environment.
I have a drive for Innovation.


I am a French citizen who grew up in Africa and Brittany. I hold a MSci from ESPCI ParisTech, Paris, France, and a MRes in Green Chemistry from Imperial College, London, UK. I did my PhD in Material Science at the University of Oxford, UK, before several postdocs at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark, successively in the groups of Profs Matthias Arenz, Maria Escudero-Escribano and Kirsten M. Ø. Jensen. I secured two Marie-Curie Fellowships and in this context, I spent 6 months in the group of Prof Matteo Cargnello at the University of Stanford, USA, before starting in May 2022, a Tenure Track Assistant Professor at the Biochemical and Chemical Engineering Department at the University of Aarhus, Denmark.

My research interests are the synthesis and characterization of nanomaterials. In particular, I focus on developing and understanding surfactant-free colloidal syntheses methods of precious metal based nanomaterials. These nanomaterials have relevance for multiple applications that I also like to explore, e.g. in catalysis, energy conversion, optics, possibly medical applications and water/air decontamination to name only a few potential applications.

Find out more here: http://nestresearchlab.com/  

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