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Jonas Thorup Thomsen

PhD Student

Jonas Thorup Thomsen


In my project, titled Danish Clergymen and their Book Collections, I investigate the books Danish clergymen owned, where these originated, and where they ended up after the death of their original owners in early modern Denmark, c. 1685-1810. The clergy played an essential role as middlemen and careers of print culture in their parishes, and their book collections functioned as vocational toolboxes. The vast majority of these book collections have been dispersed and must be reconstructed from book lists found in clerical probate inventories and auction protocols. I look into the different types of book collections owned by pastors, parish clerks, schoolmaster and other clergymen with regards to the genres and languages of the books, and how these changed throughout the period. I have been inspired by book history and the history of knowledge and I am especially interested in circulation of books and knowledge. In addition to studying the contents of the collections, I also examine how they were constructed, where the books originated, and their further life as heirlooms and at post-mortem auctions.

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