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Jonas Teilmann

Senior Researcher

Curriculum Vitae

Key qualifications:

Jonas Teilmann has more than 20 years’ experience in research on marine mammals. Currently project leader of seven larger projects ranging from basic research to environmental impact assessments with 10 researchers involved. 

My main qualifications include:

Project leader, organiser, cruise leader and invited expert on several national and international projects, surveys and expeditions in Denmark, Greenland, Germany, The Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, New Zealand, Estonia, Iceland and Antarctica. Expert in visual and acoustic surveys of density and abundance of seals and cetaceans. Experience with catching and handling of four cetacean and eight seal species. Development and deployment of satellite tags and behavioural data recorders on seals and cetaceans. Acoustic recordings of harbour porpoises in captivity and in the wild using dataloggers (A-tags, D-tags) and remote acoustic clickdetectors (T-PODs). Monitoring behaviour of harbour porpoises in relation to bycatch in fishery. Research experience in spatial and individual based modelling, movements and behavioural ecology, stress response, epidemiology, blood chemistry, contaminants, feeding ecology, parasitic burden, age determination and reproduction of seals and small cetaceans. Research, method development and assessment of human related disturbance on marine mammals, with special reference to noise, offshore wind farms, bridges and oil exploitation.

Supervisor (master and Ph.d. students), guest lecturer, and examiner/opponent in marine mammal ecology at several universities.

Professional service:
Reviewer for Norwegian Research Council, Faroese Research Council, Swedish Environmental Protection Agency.

Reviewer for Canadian Journal of Zoology, Journal of Mammalogy, Polar Biology, Journal of Cetacean Research and Management, Arctic, Journal of Ecology, Journal of Sea Research, Marine Technology Society Journal, NAMMCO Scientific Publications, Marine Biology, Journal of the Marine Biological Association (JMBA), Endangered Species Research, Flora og Fauna, Canadian Journal of Aquatic Science, Environmental Research Letters, Marine Ecology Progress Series (MEPS), Marine Mammal Science

Editor for the journal of European Academy of Wind Energy and guest editor for Environmental Research Letters special issue on wind farms.

Memberships in Professional Organizations
Marine mammal group under the Danish Ministry og Environment since 1988

Society for Marine Mammalogy since 1998.

European Cetacean Society since 1989.

Member of the Trilateral Seal Expert Group (TSEG) of the Wadden Sea since 2011.

Danish delegate in the National Committee for Antarctic Research (SCAR) since 2012.

Member of specialist group in relation to impact of high speed ferries under the Danish Environmental Board of Appeal since 2006.

Member of the Danish delegation of the Jastarnia Group under ASCOBANS since 1997.

Member of the inter-ministerial working group on protection of harbour porpoises from bycatch since 2012.


  M.Sc. in 1995 from the University of Copenhagen with a degree in biology. Ph.D. degree in 2001 from Institute of Biology, University of Southern Denmark, Odense, Denmark.