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John Parm Ulhøi


John Parm Ulhøi



His research examines how (new) technology, innovation and environmental regulation affect organizations. In generic terms, my research focuses on how organizational agents and their acts, behavior, interactions and applied techniques hinder, enable and/or facilitate planned changes in organizations. Professor Ulhøi's research thus aims at producing new knowledge regarding (i) how organizations are affected by new opportunities and/or threats made available by new technology and/or regulation, (ii) how organizations proactively respond and/or reactively adapt to external constraints and (iii) techniques and methods applicable for organizational and managerial renewal.


Research expertise

I have research experiences from the following subfields: Strategy and Business Development, Business models and BMIs, New ways of organizing, Organizational digitalization, Entrepreneurship and Corporate Renewal, Technology and Innovation Management, Environmental Management and CSR .



I have been teqaching at the MSc, MBA and PhD Programs: in Strategy and Business DevelopmentOrganization TheoryTechnology and Innovation ManagementEnvironmental Management and CSR; Managing Digital TransformationResearch Methods and ‘how to publish scholarly papers’. Dr Ulhøi has been involved in joint MBA-activities with European Summer School for Advanced Management (5 European universities), Warwick University, University of Brighton, University of Stellenbosch. He has been invited as Invited Speaker in PhD-seminars in Scandinavian, European and Asian countries.


Interdisciplinary experiences (from joint research grants)
I have been involved in the preparation and management of 9 major research initiatives (centres, consortia) running over several years.



A selection of recent publications (2004-2017)


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