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John Kennes

Associate Professor

John Kennes


Curriculum vitae
Teaching portfolio

Associate Professor
PhD (Econ), University of Western Ontario, 1996

Member of the Economics Section
Research Secretary: Malene Vindfeldt Skals


Away on invited short term visits in the first half of 2023

March 13-23: Finnish Institute for Taxation/VATT institute for Economic Research (Invitation from Kaisa Kotakorpi and Ran Sun Lyng)

May 3-12: The Center for Human Capital and Productivity. Western University, Canada. (Invitation from David Rivers, Audra Bowlus and Lance Lochner)

May 27-June 11: Seminars at Australian Universities: ANU, UNSW and Queensland. (Invitation coordinated by Benoit Julien, Australasian Macroeconomics Society AMS)

June 12-24: The University of Tokyo Market Design Center. (Invitation from Center Leader, Fuhito Kojima)


DFF grants:

Forskere skal udvikle mere effektive systemer til tildeling af børnepasning i daginstitutionerne: https://dff.dk/cases/forskere-skal-udvikle-mere-effektive-systemer-til-tildeling-af-bornepasning-i-daginstitutionerne

Hvordan vælger bank og kunde hinanden, når der skal lånes til et hus? https://dff.dk/cases/hvordan-vaelger-bank-og-kunde-hinanden-nar-der-skal-lanes-til-et-hus


Teaching Interests

  • Microeconomics
  • Macroeconomics
  • Applied Public Policy
  • Danish Culture, Institutions and Markets

Research Interests

  • Market Design and Regulation
  • Labor Markets
  • Household Decisions

Selected Publications

  • Kennes, John and John Knowles (2023) "Unmarried Births: Accounting and Equilibrium Analysis, 1960-1995", Review of Economic Dynamics, forthcoming.
  • Kennes, John; Daniel le Maire and Sebastian Roelsgaard (2020) "Equivalence of Canonical Matching Models", Games and Economic Behavior, 14, 169-182
  • Kennes, John; Monte, Daniel and Tumennasan, Norovsambuu (2019) "Strategic Performance of Deferred Acceptance in Dynamic Matching Problems," American Economic Journal: Microeconomics, vol 11(2), pp 55-97.
  • Kennes, John; Serene Tan and Nicolas Jacquet (2019) "Wage-Vacancy Contracts and Multiplicity of Equilibria in a Directed Search Model of the Labor Market," Canadian Journal of Economics, vol 52(2), pp 784-821.
  • Kennes, John; Benoit Julien and Moritz Ritter: (2018) "Bidding for Teams," Labor Economics, vol 52 (C), pp 68-73.
  • Kennes, John; Monte, Daniel and Tumennasan, Norovsambuu (2014) "The Daycare Assignment: A Dynamic Matching Problem," American Economic Journal: Microeconomics, vol 6 (4), pp 362-406.
  • Kennes, John; Benoit Julien and Moritz Ritter (2014) "Efficient Club Formation in a Frictional Environment," Economics Letters, vol 125 (3), pp 372-375.
  • Kennes, John; Benoit Julien and Ian King (2008) "Bidding for Money", Journal of Economic Theory, vol. 142 (1), pp 196-217.
  • Kennes, John and Aaron Schiff (2008) "Quality Infomediation in Search Markets", International Journal of Industrial Organization, vol 26 (5), pp 1191-1202.
  • Kennes, John and Aaron Schiff (2007) "Simple Reputation Systems", Scandinavian Journal of Economics, vol 109 (1), pp 71-91.
  • Kennes, John; Benoit Julien and Ian King (2006) "Residual Wage Dispersion and Coordination Unemployment, International Economic Review, vol 47, pp 949-978.
  • Kennes, John; Benoit Julien and Ian King (2000) "Bidding for Labor", Review of Economic Dynamics, vol 3, 619-649.

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