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Johannes Lundberg

PhD Student

Johannes Lundberg


The backdrop for my PhD research is that financial capitalism today has an increasing influence on climate policies of corporations and states. This is seen in the way financial structures shape critical investment decisions of institutional investors (pension funds, banks, etc.).
Curiously, in this context, it is quite unique for Danish pension funds that members in many of these have the opportunity to vote to general assemblies and boards, and hence raise demands for climate considerations in the investment policy.

The project will, therefore, examine: Partly, how imperatives in financial capitalism have developed and shape climate-related investment decisions via models, laws, norms and expectations for and to institutional investors’ investment decisions. And partly, how and to what degree more or less member-democratic forms of governance of pension funds affect how green or black investment decisions institutional investors make.
To identify the financial logics and governance structures, the study is inspired by Foucault’s concepts of dispositives and genealogy.

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