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Jibran Khan

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Jibran Khan



I am an Assistant Professor with specialization in Environmental Modelling, Data Analytics, and Informatics at Aarhus University's Atmospheric Modelling Section at the Department of Environmental Science, Roskilde, Denmark. I am also associated with the Danish Big Data Centre for Environment and Health at the same university.

My current focus is on the critical relationship between environmental factors and human health, specifically air pollution and noise. These factors contribute significantly to premature deaths across Europe and globally.

My background includes a PhD in Environmental Science with a specialization in Atmospheric Modelling. During my doctoral journey, I developed an innovative model for calculating air pollution and noise levels anywhere. I also enhanced the Danish AirGIS, a GIS-based air pollution modeling system used alongside the Operational Street Pollution Model.

In my postdoctoral work, I expanded into dynamic pollution exposure, artificial intelligence, and more. I applied the Danish AirGIS model system to study health effects and collaborated on hyperlocal air quality solutions.

While I mainly lead my research, I value guidance from advisors. With a strong physics foundation, I bring diverse experience in research, development, and teaching. My interests span aerosols, dispersion modeling, air and noise pollution's intersection, GIS, remote sensing, and the use of satellite imagery.

Proficient in multiple programming languages and software, I'm committed to advancing understanding for healthier, smarter cities.

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