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Jibran Khan


Jibran Khan


I'm Postdoctoral Researcher at Atmospheric Modelling Section (ATMI-Model), Department of Environmental Science, Aarhus University, Roskilde and the Danish Big Data Centre for Environment and Health (BERHTA) at the same university. I work with the modelling of topmost environmental risk factors, air pollution and noise originating from urban transport, which cause a lot of pre-mature deaths in Europe and worldwide.

I have a PhD in Environmental Science (specialization: atmospheric modelling). In my PhD project (main advisor: Senior Scientist Matthias Ketzel, ATMI-Model), I developed a novel model system to calculate air and noise pollution levels at any location in question. In addition, I also substantially optimized the Danish AirGIS - a GIS based air pollution and human exposure modelling system, which is routinely used with the Operational Street Pollution Model (OSPM) to estimate air pollution in Denmark, and has also been used at several locations across the world.

In my postdoctoral research (advisors: Ole Hertel, Matthias Ketzel), I'm trying to further improve the air-noise modelling system as well as applying fully-optimized new AirGIS system to several air pollution exposure projects both nationally and internationally. I'm also trying to extend the new AirGIS system to estimate individuals' dynamic exposure to air pollutuion while commuting in urban environmments.

With a background in Physics, I have several years of work (research and development) and teaching experience (both at graduate and undergraduate level). My research interests lie in the areas of aerosols, atmospheric/dispersion modelling (various scales, e.g., city- and street-scale) with a focus on air pollution and noise (methods and techniques), pollution exposure and health, GIS and remote sensing and its applications, use of satellite imageries (both optical and radar) e.g. to estimate air pollution (using optical data), noise modelling, relationship of air and noise pollution etc.

I have worked with several GIS and remote sensing software as well as programming languages e.g. R, Python, SQL, Matlab, Assembly, Linux bash scripting.

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