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Jette Feveile Young

Associate professor, Science Team Leader

Jette F Young
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Research areas:

• Meat research in relation to slaughter procedure and quality. Especially focusing on impact of stress before slaughter, characterization and consequences of tissue alterations for the quality as food (e.g. wooden breast in broilers). The research is related to the muscle as a food commodity but also as tissue, cell and at the molecular level.
• Identification and physiological responses of health promoting compounds in food (e.g. plant-based foods, meat and milk) from the cellular level to the whole organism (animals and human interventions in collaboration with partners). This include research at molecular level of cell based models, cell lines or primary cells isolated from experimental animals (e.g. digestibility, bioavailability, oxidative stress responses/antioxidative status, glucose uptake and metabolism)


• Steering group member of Future Food Innovation (FFI)
• Chairman for Muscle Based Food Network



M.Sc in Food Science and Ph.d. (Photo-biologi)


• ISI Food Protection
• Technological institute (DMRI and Agro Tech)
• Copenhagen University
• Danpo Scandi standard
• DuPont

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