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Jesper Sejrup Nielsen


  • Interdisciplinary Nanoscience Center
Postal address:
Bygning 1520;Ny Munkegade 120
Århus C

Email: jespersn@mb.au.dk


A self-assembled, modular nucleic acid-based nanoscaffold for multivalent theranostic medicine

Andersen, V. L., Vinther, M., Kumar, R., Ries, A., Wengel, J., Nielsen, J. S. & Kjems, J., Apr 2019, In : Theranostics. 9, 9, p. 2662-2677

Electrochemical Enzyme-Linked Sandwich Assay with a Cellulase Label for Ultrasensitive Analysis of Synthetic DNA and Cell-Isolated RNA

Fapyane, D., Nielsen, J. S. & Ferapontova, E. E., 26 Oct 2018, In : ACS Sensors. 3, 10, p. 2104-2111 15 p.

Fatty acid-modified gapmer antisense oligonucleotide and human serum albumin constructs for pharmacokinetic modulation

Hvam, M. L., Cai, Y., Dagnæs-Hansen, F., Nielsen, J., Wengel, J., Kjems, J. & Howard, K., 5 Jul 2017, In : Molecular Therapy. 25, 7, p. 1710-1717

Intracellular Delivery of a Planar DNA Origami Structure by the Transferrin-Receptor Internalization Pathway

Schaffert, D. H., Okholm, A. H., Sørensen, R. S., Nielsen, J., Tørring, T., Rosen, C. B., Kodal, A. L. B., Mortensen, M. R., Gothelf, K. V. & Kjems, J., 18 May 2016, In : Small. 12, 19, p. 2634-2640

A targeting ligand for drug delivery to Staphylococcus aureus biofilms

Andersen, P. O., Kring Hansen, B., Nielsen, J., Hansen, L., Kjems, J. & Meyer, R. L., 2016.

Aptamers as possible targeting agents for delivery of antibiotics to S. aureus biofilms

Andersen, P. O., Hansen, B. K., Hansen, L., Nielsen, J., Kjems, J. & Meyer, R. L., 2016.

Electroanalysis of pM-levels of urokinase plasminogen activator in serum by phosphorothioated RNA aptamer

Jarczewska, M., Kekedy-Nagy, L., Nielsen, J. S., Campos, R., Kjems, J., Malinowska, E. & Ferapontova, E. E., 2015, In : Analyst. 140, 11, p. 3794-3802 9 p.

Template-directed covalent conjugation of DNA to native antibodies, transferrin and other metal-binding proteins

Rosen, C. B., Kodal, A. L. B., Nielsen, J. S., Schaffert, D. H., Scavenius, C., Okholm, A. H., Voigt, N. V., Enghild, J. J., Kjems, J., Tørring, T. & Gothelf, K. V., Sep 2014, In : Nature Chemistry. 6, 9, p. 804-809 6 p.

Quantification of cellular uptake of DNA nanostructures by qPCR

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RNA aptamer-based electrochemical biosensor for selective and label-free analysis of dopamine

Farjami, E., Campos, R., Nielsen, J. S., Gothelf, K. V., Kjems, J. & Ferapontova, E., 2013, In : Analytical Chemistry. 85, 1, p. 121-128 8 p.

Impact of probe placement error on MIMO OTA test zone performance

Fan, W., Nielsen, J., Carreño, X., Franek, O., Knudsen, M. B. & Pedersen, G. F., 1 Dec 2012, LAPC 2012 - 2012 Loughborough Antennas and Propagation Conference. 6402968

Electrochemical sandwich assay for attomole analysis of DNA and RNA from beer spoilage bacteria Lactobacillus brevis

Shipovskov, S., Saunders, A. M., Nielsen, J. S., Hansen, M. N., Gothelf, K. V. & Ferapontova, E., 5 Nov 2012, In : Biosensors and Bioelectronics. 37, p. 99-106

Small regulatory RNAs control the multi-cellular adhesive lifestyle of Escherichia coli.

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A Small RNA Controls Expression of the Chitinase ChiA in Listeria monocytogenes

Nielsen, J. S., Halberg Larsen, M., Sternkopf Lillebæk, E. M., M Bergholz, T., HG Christiansen, M., J Boor, K., Wiedmann, M. & Kallipolitis, B., 2011, In : P L o S One.

Searching for small σ(B)-regulated genes in Staphylococcus aureus

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A conserved small RNA promotes silencing of the outer membrane protein YbfM

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Defining a role for Hfq in Gram-positive bacteria: evidence for Hfq-dependent antisense regulation in Listeria monocytogenes

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Identification of a sigma B-dependent small noncoding RNA in Listeria monocytogenes

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An Hfq-like protein in archaea: crystal structure and functional characterization of the Sm protein from Methanococcus jannaschii

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Identification of small Hfq-binding RNAs in Listeria monocytogenes

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Inflammatory response during hyperglycemia and hyperinsulinemia in a porcine endotoxemic model: the contribution of essential organs

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Dødsfald efter tidligere bevidst selvforgiftning. 11 års materiale fra Silkeborg centralsygehus.

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