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Jesper Madsen

Professor and Head of Centre for Adaptive Nature Management

 Jesper Madsen has long experience as project and programme co-ordinator and he has acted as advisor to the Danish government, the EU and international conventions. He is specialised in reseach concerning population ecology and coastal zone ecology, with special emphasis on waterbirds in the Arctic and temperate regions, their habitat requirements, anthropogenic effects and habitat restoration. He has published more than 300 scientific papers, books, reports and popular articles. Jesper Madsen has been responsible for several large-scale projects, including experimental studies of the disturbance effects of recreational activities, especially hunting, on waterbird site use. He has played a central role in the process of designing and prioritising a network of hunting and disturbance free refuge areas in Danish wetland SPAs. Recently, he has studied how to integrate bird conservation, land use, shooting and other recreational activities in refuge zonation, with the aim to achieve sustainable use and local user involvement.
 Jesper Madsen is the Head of Centre for Adaptive Nature Management at Aarhus University, Chairman of the Waterbird Harvest Specialist Group of Wetlands International and head of the AEWA European Goose Management Platform data Centre. He has been global coordinator of the Goose Specialist Group of Wetlands International (1987-1997), scientific councillor of the Convention on Migratory Species (1997-2002) and member (appointed specialist regarding hunting management) of the Technical Committee of the African-Eurasian Waterbird Agreement under the Convention)(2000-2002).